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  1. crystalwiz

    Which nonPaypal-like payment processor are you using?

    Hey guys, So I am at it again. I am looking for a better payment processor for our web design agency. I fxcking hate PayPal because it sucks, and I don't like all the stealth method and all that, and chargeback vulnerabilities which also sucks. Stripe, no way on my jurisdiction. 2Checkout...
  2. crystalwiz

    My web design service+ your real paying customers

    I am looking for a partner who can get real customers to my website design service. You will drive traffic and help us make sales, I will do all the web design work. We split the profit 50/50
  3. crystalwiz

    ➤➤➤ Money Website/Blog for Sale ★ Branded & +19 Modules ➤➤➤ Choose a Niche ★ Available 24/7

    Start a business website/blog that you want. We support you until you are satisfied. You tell us a niche from these categories: Health Nutrition Fitness/ bodybuilding Sports Tutorials Entertainment Music Art / Painting News / Celebrity Politics / Government Finance / Banking Business...
  4. crystalwiz

    Random image is autogenerated when link is shared

    Hey guys, whenever I share the homepage URL of my WordPress website on say Whatsapp or LinkedIn, a weird image of a specific post always appear as a snippet. I want the logo to appear instead. Which plugin can I use for this?
  5. crystalwiz

    Are you using the Windows 11 yet?

    Just today morning, I got the notification for Windows 11 upgrade. Have you installed it yet? Looks fancy from the videos and screenshots over the internet. What do you think?
  6. crystalwiz

    Any WordPress plugin for KYC?

    Which plugin are you using for KYC? Please suggest to me.
  7. crystalwiz

    WordPress Plugin for API Endpoints?

    I need to generate, customize or manage API endpoints of certain features in my Wordpress website. My mobile app developer wants to use these endpoints to call API and make the app interact with my website without having to create a separate database. Example of API endpoints I need: Register...
  8. crystalwiz

    Is it possible to hide your WordPress theme info?

    I would like to know if it is possible to hide the theme of a WordPress site from other people. How can I change, customize or hide the name or company that developed my theme in WordPress?
  9. crystalwiz

    Crazy Question for the WordPress Savvy

    Is it possible to make a WordPress site anti-clonable? If yes, does any plugin already exist for this? If no, are you or a developer you know able to implement an anticlone function from the backend or control panel of a WordPress site?
  10. crystalwiz

    What Browser Cache TTL timeout do you set?

    For your website, do you set the browser cache TTL to expire at 4 hours, 24 hours, one week, one year etc? Which TTL duration do you prefer?
  11. crystalwiz

    100,000+ Traffic to Your Website ⚡⚡ Boost Pageviews ✅

  12. crystalwiz

    Do you HODL binance SC coin?

    What's your take on this? Do you think it's gonna moon exponentially?
  13. crystalwiz

    Design me a sales thread [HAF]

    Budget: $7.00 A simple sales thread. Pm me if you are interested. Edits: added a decimal point + 2 zeros after seven. Leverage this opportunity but don't ever skype me.
  14. crystalwiz

    Do you use Windows VPS for website hosting?

    Anyone here hosting their website on Window server (not Linux). What is the experience like? Is it fast and easy? Do you have a WordPress site running on it? My current web hosting that I use to host a site is on Linux and Disk space is way too expensive per GIG ($5 per additional GB with...
  15. crystalwiz

    Selling my 5 year old health website

    What is the best place to quickly sell a domain without proof of income? The website gets some traffic till now. But it was demonetized a long time ago. I just need the funds to refinance other project that I am working on, as I have no time for blogging anymore. Those were the days of affiliate...
  16. crystalwiz

    Any Free Video Animation Software or Marketing Video Templates without Watermark?

    Hi guys, I have googled a lot and still looking for this. Please help. Anyone can share or tell me a free video animation software or video template I can modify to create a FREE demo video without a watermark?
  17. crystalwiz

    I found it. Yaayy!

    Moral of the Story: kick out potential customers who won't value your worth.
  18. crystalwiz

    Two ways to look at life

  19. crystalwiz

    GSA Shitty Links to a Money Site [Hell]

    Hey guys, I have this question. So say I blasted 500k GSA shitty comment backlinks at a money site's blog post. Now I have deleted the blog post. Will this deletion erase the negative effect of the 500k spammy backlinks? In your experience, please let me know.
  20. crystalwiz

    Why are there so many Indians in BlackHatWorld? (no hate speech please)

    Just my view. But I am not Indian. I love us all online money makers. Your national doesn't matter. We are one in the game. Keep moving guys.