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  1. Mr Cool

    Don't trust paxful scammers!

    Hey Hi People's! Paxful is one of the good system! But they have more scammers, If you need to sell your BTC or whatever, don't release your BTC without receiving your payment! Am lost almost $300. It's an escrow payment option. The seller said it will release automatically from both side, But...
  2. Mr Cool

    India is set to ban Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other crypto money with move that targets miners and traders.

    Here The News In India Today:- India is set to ban Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other crypto money with move that targets miners and traders The uncertainty around cryptocurrencies in India continues as the government is now planning to propose a new law which will not only ban digital money but will...
  3. Mr Cool

    Need Traffic Blogs

    Hello Everyone! I need Tech & News & Business Niche Traffic Blogs ( Minimum Traffic 25k ) Budget $100 Hit me up on skype [email protected] Thanks Cool...!
  4. Mr Cool

    Tech Niche Blogs

    Hello Everyone, I Need "Tech Niche" High DA Blogs DA must Be 50+, Budget $10 - $20+ Based on the Blogs, I need daily 1-3 links regular Basis! Don't send few samples, Kindly share the 10+ Domains, will choose & let you know! (PBN & Guest post links all are welcomed) Kindly share the links with...
  5. Mr Cool


    Hi Everyone, I need to change my BTC to $$$, Am using coinbox wallet for BTC - PayPal Transaction, Now coinbox stopped that option I need alternative one, I need your suggestions which wallet you are using? With 24/7 Customer support. Drop your answer's. Thanks In Advance..! Cool..!
  6. Mr Cool

    Today Diwali Festival in INDIA !

    Today Diwali (Deepavali) Festival in INDIA ! Wishing you & family a very Happy Diwali! On this auspicious occasion, may joy, prosperity, and happiness illuminate your life.Have a happy, safe and blessed Diwali BHW Buds!
  7. Mr Cool

    Come inside guys!

    BHW advertising banner shows in mobile view(without desktop view) but why i can't see any signature banner in mobile view, I can see when i was change my chrome in desktop view, but bhw advertising banner shown in normal mode, why i can't see the signature banner in without desktop view...
  8. Mr Cool

    Amazon affiliate help!

    Hello Guys, Am completely newbie for affiliate side, Yesterday am created Amazon affiliate site, Am planed to promote toys products on my adult instagram page but there is no response, so am planned new one, Can i put link in website banner ads? it's worth? My friend have news related...
  9. Mr Cool

    I Have $1000 What should i do?

    Hello BHW fellows, Right now i have $1000 in my pocket where to invest that? Anyone have good idea? Am waiting to see your great suggestions! Thanks In Advance.
  10. Mr Cool

    Question About Bulk SPAM Score Checker.

    I need to search 100+ domains spam score. Any websites available on internet? Don't say google it. Am already searched more websites. Thanks In Advance!
  11. Mr Cool

    How to withdraw my funds?

    Hello Guys! Am using, I have some money on it. How can i transfer money to my paypal or Bank? If anyone know please help me on here. Mod's if i posted wrong section please help me to move right one. Thanks
  12. Mr Cool


    Hey Guys! Who loves a PUBG game & who play Pubg daily. Anyone spend money for PUBG? Drop your answers:D
  13. Mr Cool

    YT views issue

    Hey Guys! I have YT channel last month my channel views is 3.2k Minutes now only 255 Minutes what's reason of YT reducing time?? Anyone know?? Thanks
  14. Mr Cool


    Early Bird Discount 40% Only For First 10 Members Coupon Code: COOL40 Early Bird Discount 30% For Next 10 Members Coupon Code: COOL30 24x7 Support: ❤ Email : [email protected] ❤ Skype: [email protected]
  15. Mr Cool

    Non Copywrite Video For YT

    Hello guys, I hope all are doing well here, Do you know where to get Non-Copyrighted Adult videos? If anyone knows help me. Thanks in advance.
  16. Mr Cool

    Non Copywrite Music For YT

    Hello Guys, Am created new channel, Niche is Music. Now am posted only 1 video in my channel, I need to get ©️Non copyrighted music. where to get ©️free music? Am using background images and videos pexels and unsplash. Please suggest any Blogs gives ©️Non copyrighted music free. Thanks In...
  17. Mr Cool

    Anyone help me CPABUILD

    Hello bhw peoples, I don't have knowledge in CPA, I have account in CPABUILD. How can I earn money on this. Any tutorial you have for CPABUILD. Anyone help me. Give me some instructions here. CPABUILD better or not. Thanks Mr Cool
  18. Mr Cool

    Any software for tick tok

    Hello Friends, I need to create 500+ Tik tok accounts, Any software available? If Anyone suggest me. Thanks
  19. Mr Cool

    Only for virgin

    A person who has never had sexual intercourse. Please go to lose your virginity. No one can know when corona attacks your body. so don't die virgin:(
  20. Mr Cool

    Need youtube explainer video

    Am looking for member who can create 2d explainer video for youtube with voice. Niche: hosting Let me know your tat and price with your samples Thanks