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  1. Sk0ld

    A tweet with a link under the video

    Hello guys, i see some viral twitter accounts doing some tweets of videos with links under them, and the tweet is marked us "Twitter for Advertisers" how they can do it? I can make a video on twitter studio with a link on the video but i still can't figure out how they do it under the video...
  2. Sk0ld

    My main account doesn’t exist anymore?!

    So this happened to me like 2 years ago when i wake up to find out that my main adult twitter account is not exist, It doesn't say suspended or anything just not exist try to search with the number with the email and nothing is exist, and i tried to get the username but i can't, and when i tried...
  3. Sk0ld

    How much does video streaming websites really make?

    Hi So i have some blogs and i use a video streaming website called 0penl0ad to share my videos on my blog and they say they pay between "35$-5$ for every 10k downloads/streams" (nobody knows if they share with you the real numbers or not), so my question is how much websites like this really...
  4. Sk0ld

    Need someone to upload porn videos online

    I want you to upload full porn videos (+25 mins) to 4shared, Create 10 4shared accounts and upload 20 videos for each account. I'll pay $10.
  5. Sk0ld

    Be careful with Linkshrink!

    I was using the script of adfly with my website and i was getting like 100k clicks per day and i get banned, then i change it to linkshrink and now less than 40k clicks per day for like 2 weeks now, they telling you that they are paying good but they show you like less than half of the clicks...
  6. Sk0ld

    Loking for old twitter acc

    Hi BHW I'm looking for an old (+3 yo) US twitter account phone verified, Thanks.
  7. Sk0ld

    Need adfly accs

    Hi everyone I just need some adfly accs that have the daily payments permission to buy, peace
  8. Sk0ld

    Q: getting de-indexed by google FOR NOTHING!

    I hear it?s simple as that if a competitor builds bad links to your website, or complains your website several times to Google, you could be banned by google, i mean for real !!!! how i can protect my website ???
  9. Sk0ld

    Q:The fastest way to get number one rankings in Google

    sorry im newbie
  10. Sk0ld

    a newbie question about backlinks

    Is that a n0f0110w or d0f0110w backlink ? or just Bu11shit !! <a href="THE LINK" target="_blank">NAME OF THE LINK</a>
  11. Sk0ld

    Here's my new strategy for backlinks (anti-penguin 2.0) !!!

    Hey everyone As you can see the penguin 2.0 is coming soon, so there's my new strategy to get more backlinks 1- searching for a normal website with a good ranking 2- put it on alexa to see all the backlinks he have 3- do like him with your website Ps: sorry guys i can't explain you much...