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  1. Lalalaenhund

    Bitcoin as a currency

    Might as well be magic to you probably.
  2. Lalalaenhund

    Bitcoin as a currency

    Well if it was easy it would have been done already... poor execution my ass, some of the world's best coders are working on the project.
  3. Lalalaenhund

    Bitcoin as a currency

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the lightning network. Bitcoin is not even ready yet. It's currently a bit slow and expensive to use as an everyday currency, that should change in the future. For larger international transfers, it's already great IMO.
  4. Lalalaenhund

    Just started Crypto

    Don't daytrade unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing, don't take random advice like "RIPPLE WILL MOON BY 420% IN THE NEXT 3 DAYS" from shills/wannabe experts, and educate yourself on the actual underlying tech. Andreas Antonopoulos' Youtube channel is excellent. Oh and...
  5. Lalalaenhund

    Bitcoin will reach 10k by 2018

    To be honest it's not the craziest prediction in the world
  6. Lalalaenhund

    SEO is Dead

    SEO reminds me of Bitcoin in the way they both keep dying since 2011
  7. Lalalaenhund

    Looking to hire someone who can grow legit IG accounts without botting

    I need someone who is experienced in Instagram who can grow accounts "organically" without botting or sending me fake followers (lol). We'd start with one fresh account targeting 50-100k+ in a few months time. Not setting a deadline considering all the variables in play. The niche is...
  8. Lalalaenhund

    High Quality Instagram Accounts !!! with Real Followers and Engagements !!!

    I'm interested in that travel photography account if you still got it, please pm me the username.
  9. Lalalaenhund

    This couple uses Instagram to make a fortune traveling the world

    Yeah I hope they won't break up, that could get messy lol
  10. Lalalaenhund

    [ULTIMATE GROUPS] Best Instagram Engagement 10k+ & 30k+

    I've applied for the 10k group
  11. Lalalaenhund

    Dead Account?

    I'm kind of in the same boat, I have a 12k personal photography account that I used to bot. My engagement is 300 likes at worst and 1k at best, I found content quality to be the biggest modifier in this in terms of engagement in the new algo era. Average hobbyist photography IS saturated, you...
  12. Lalalaenhund

    Telegram Photography Engagement Group

    I'd like to join @Lalalaenhund
  13. Lalalaenhund

    A student in my country used Adrian's porn reupload method...

    This is what offshore companies are for. Assuming there actually wasn't any pedo shit going on.
  14. Lalalaenhund

    How Do I Find/Attract Affiliate Marketers?

    Maybe you could post on IM forums ... HEY WAIT A MINUTE!
  15. Lalalaenhund

    Can you ever "make it"? The feeling of so called success in SEO

    For me, I'll have "made it" when I have enough capital invested safely that I can live off of it without having to do anything else. 2 million at 5% annually is 100k per year, just as an example figure. It wouldn't mean I'd stop working, but focus would shift exclusively to things I really cared...
  16. Lalalaenhund

    DMOZ description showing instead of my own meta desc

    Seems that indeed did the trick, now it shows as normal again and rankings went up a little, although didn't completely recover yet. Thanks a lot!
  17. Lalalaenhund

    DMOZ description showing instead of my own meta desc

    When I launched this particular website about 1,5 years ago, I submitted it to DMOZ without thinking too much about it. To my delight, I noticed it had recently been approved. I might not even have noticed, if not for the fact that Google has now started displaying the vastly outdated DMOZ...
  18. Lalalaenhund

    How much are Hashtags Important on IG

    I use them, it costs nothing and takes literally a few seconds to set up and once you grow your account, your posts can appear in the "most popular" section of specific hashtags. I don't see why not to use them.
  19. Lalalaenhund

    Do you block bots on your PBN?

    The point of blocking bots is, as you know, to stop competitors from finding your blog networks and reporting them. I block crawlers on (almost) all but the highest quality network sites, but so far I haven't 'lost' more than maybe 4 network sites either way and I've had some domains in this...