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  1. seoways

    What's the climax of Shutter Island?

    Happened to watch it after long years.. still had the same thrill as watching it for the first time. Is Dicaprio actually Teddy or Andrew? The doctors made him believe he is a patient or he is really a patient? Leo's final words "which is worse, living as a monster or dying as a good man?" -...
  2. seoways

    Josh Battle Royale

    Any fans for Josh Battle? So much fun and the best climax for an event.. Since the meme got viral from last year , JOSHs were waiting whole year for April 24th to fight other JOSH and win to keep their name, and others have to change their names. Yesterday was the date. Hundreds of people...
  3. seoways

    Anyone watched Justice League SC.?

    About to watch it tomorrow. Anyone watched it already? Reviews without spoilers are welcome ;)
  4. seoways

    What's your weirdest childhood dream?

    I wanted to be a gangster at nights and police at the day time. Ended up being a digital marketer.. May be the movies I watched then impacted me a lot.. I remember that one of my high school friends wanted to become a pornstar lol.. Drop your weird and funny dreams if you have got any..
  5. seoways

    Which movie character would you like to live forver?

    As it is in the title.. Which character has impressed you the most so you would like to live in the character forever? I would say, Tyler Durden from Fight Club Cooper from Interstellar. Whats your favorite?
  6. seoways

    What are the movies you feel mindf*cked after watching?

    So, we know some movies make us mind boggled while and after watching.. Like, most of us might have felt with "inception" kinda movies. Whats the special movie you literally be awestruck and mind boggled after watching? I would say, Interstellar Shutter island Seven. Pulp fiction Back to...
  7. seoways

    Aliens at Venus

    Not sure it's gonna be another disaster of 2020 or they might help us in the future.. Alien lives detected in venus and it's the latest trending news right now in the internet world.
  8. seoways

    Apple to take on Google on search market?

    The recent news (might be rumor) was really interesting to know, that Apple may launch its own search engine by 2021. It seems, Apple has already begun working on that so the company can easily avoid to pay Google to be the default search engine for iOS devices. Anyone read the news? How true...
  9. seoways

    Do people really ask for these?

    I was just looking an answer for a quite confusing doubt.. Is egg a vegetarian food? I'm literally in more confusion thinking, would really people be interested to for the questions thats listed in google suggestion question panel..? Okay with the first few, but the questions are getting...
  10. seoways

    Vaccine Ready! But what's that you have missed the most in the lockdown?

    So, finally its ready for use - Vaccine worked successfully and its claimed by Russia!
  11. seoways

    Earn Views Doing Nothing - Youtube.

    This guy has found a new way of earning by doing literally nothing.. Technically nothing... But deep down, he has done this for a good cause, he has mentioned in the description. Comments are more hilarious too..
  12. seoways

    What do you do at quarantine?

    So, it definitely is depressing to stay at home and watching these all scary/sad news in TV channels. I'm more worried of seeing the affected persons and its daily rate of increasing.. How do you cope up with it? What makes and helps you stay active and fresh? Doing some workouts at the...
  13. seoways

    Important: Buyers & Sellers - Beware Of Duplicates

    So, I have seen a lots of complaints about duplicate skype scams, I myself got affected a few times already. I got a PM from someone asking which one is my original.. I was shocked to see the screenshot he sent to me, he mentioned in his skype like "Beware of scammers" The original one is...
  14. seoways

    What was your best valantine day & why?

    Wishing you everyone have the best valentine ever by today.. Do you remember your previous best valentine day and any special reasons for it be the best? Mine. It was 2015, 2 days to go for her wedding (obviously not with me). LOL.
  15. seoways

    Whats the most romatic thing you have ever done?

    So, everyone here should have been into romantic situations in your life (assuming everyone here is 14+) . So, whats the most romantic thing you have ever done in your life? It might be anything, silly, grand, or even just a simple walk with your partner. Just mention it if you have no problem...
  16. seoways

    Whats your favorite?

    Lets find out which one has more fans.. If you love thrilling rides on two wheeler, whats your favorite one? MotorBikes give us thrill while cars give us the class.. Whats your favorite car and how many cars you own currently?
  17. seoways

    Peaceful Place to visit!

    Guys.. Could you please recommend me a place where I can spend sometime (3-4 days) only to observe some peace to my mind.. ? This will be a budget trip as I have started building a house of my dad's dream. I am from south part of India, so its better if the place/country is near by India! The...
  18. seoways

    Whats your best moment in your IM career?

    Hey guys... Please take it easy and answer! How experienced are you in IM career? I hope most of you guys here are millionaires already! My best wishes to you all and others to keep on rocking to become multi-millionaires. Now the title question, Don't tell me, getting large payments kind of...
  19. seoways

    Hack Pixel Phone - Get $1.5 Million

    Google's very new Titan M chip has the most secured elements that made Google announce the prize money on hacking one of its phones.. The details of rules of participating in...
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