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  1. agente808

    second citizenship?

    There's nothing shady about it, and the USA sells a "path-to-citizenship visa" as well, it's not really that uncommon. (In case you're wondering, it costs $500k to buy United States Citizenship) I've never heard of any citizenship in the world you could get in under a year though.
  2. agente808

    How do companies like Getty Images hunt down Stock Images violators?

    @reisuke - don't confuse "free" with "stolen" - there are millions of free high-resolution images, no stealing necessary: As far as low-cost stock agencies taking action, it does happen. They don't have the resources to monitor images as closely - but most images...
  3. agente808

    How do companies like Getty Images hunt down Stock Images violators?

    they use technology similar to this: there's lots of money in this for Getty, so they have a staff of people dedicated to monitoring usage of their images. This doesn't happen. Even royalty-free images on Getty for simple common objects are $15 for the smallest size...
  4. agente808

    Liberty Reserve ( LR ) will back on 1st June!

    it's still the 2nd for me... :captain:
  5. agente808

    Anybody making over 10K per month from a single blog?

    My advise is to create a site, but not a blog. Blogs are somewhat limited, whereas if you create a multi-purpose site you can include user-generated content (think forum), a variety of useful tools, and other content which can help to retain visitors and make them into regulars. - A larger site...
  6. agente808

    Massive Tornado Hits Oklahoma - More To Come

    Being in a car when a tornado hits is the worst place you could be, they were safer at the school. Letting the kids (especially elementary school kids) out early without previous warning just isn't really a viable option - you are going to pack the kids on to buses, and drop them off at home to...
  7. agente808

    Design your way to $250 a month with me.

    @newelly: FYI, Most people aren't going to post their real name and email / other contact info to this thread (for everyone in the whole world to see). That's why PMs exist. That's not very ambitious - is that for 1 project or are you expecting to do 10 x $5 projects? How many hours per month...
  8. agente808

    Little known life hack for becoming a lawyer in the United States

    you have it backwards: it's not that "if you can pass the bar you know US law", it's "you can't pass the bar unless you know US law" - law school in other countries won't prepare you for the bar exam. You may as well just teach it to yourself and not spend any money on school at all. Even...
  9. agente808

    Translation Services | English to Spanish and viceversa. Advice needed.

    Your initial writing prices really have to reflect where you are selling your services and your competition. You may charge more on odesk than fiverr, for example. You will just need to see what others are charging and price yourself similarly. If you do seo and keyword research you do need...
  10. agente808

    I am building a CTR Adsense site. Where do I purchase the best adsense traffic?

    Why not test the traffic with a different ad source first? That way you can see what the referrals look like and what the conversion rate is (if any) before risking your adsense account. If none of the traffic converts then your CTR, quantity of traffic and time on site won't matter - you'll...
  11. agente808

    Ranking a Google Plus Page

    there's only one way to find out for sure... make a new plus page (obviously don't do this on a client's page, fake something) test it out, measure results, come back and let everyone know I seriously doubt someone has tried specifically what you are suggesting... in general though, I wouldn't...
  12. agente808

    [Method] An Idea To Make Lots Of CPA Money

    well, at least you are trying to come up with ideas... but remember that your traffic has to convert in order for you to make money, and this method will not convert. It takes at least 99 bad ideas before you get a good one, so keep thinking...
  13. agente808

    [Research Evidence] Penguin is BULSHIT!

    Another problem with micro analysis of backlinks post-penguin, is that since the shutdown of the Yahoo Backlinks tool, there are NO tools that give very good/thorough backlink profiles (and even Yahoo wasn't perfect). (I know that some tools are improving, but none of them are there yet) So...
  14. agente808

    Footer links for a network of websites, a good idea?

    Sitewide footer links are a bit of a problem, especially for new / weak backlink-profile sites. Having an interlinked network of websites isn't against the rules, but I'd limit it to the home page and maybe an "about our network" page. If the purpose is to circulate traffic between the...
  15. agente808

    Facebook is refusing to take down a page on its website dedicated to pedophilia

    Maybe it's similar to this case: I think it's a brilliant way to catch pedophiles - have them "like" pedophilia with personally identifying information, that way the police know who to wiretap.
  16. agente808

    Anyone using Joomla?

    my joomla sites do much better than my wp sites. I think it somewhat depends on which one you know how to configure better. For joomla, I use k2 and zoo a lot, jomsocial is pretty damn amazing... when I use an seo/urls component, I use sh404sef any specific questions?
  17. agente808

    Monetizing election2012shirts

    quick n' sloppy create an affiliate store using either cafepress or zazzle (scripts exist to do this easily) then start posting your link on social and news sites, on relevant topics.
  18. agente808

    [Journal] From Six Figures to Seven Figures

    Thanks for sharing your progress (subscribed)
  19. agente808

    Need to re-direct, without 301

    you own the top 2 spots (I assume for a worthwhile keyword) - why would you risk that? Just monetize the second site. Almost anything you do to redirect the traffic will be visible to google (and they will drop the second site). You can use a filter to only redirect non-bot traffic but it is...