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  1. giantsfan0806 has open registration!

    Hey everyone, The private torrent tracker, has open registrations right now for the first time ever. I think they had a server crash earlier today, so a bunch of accounts were deleted. They are opening registrations for only a couple days so the people who had deleted...
  2. giantsfan0806

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on this script?

    I've been looking at "online tv episodes" type sites, and I'm sure they make a good amount of money. If you want to see how they work, go to this url and try watching an episode (hint: a CPA offer pops up. usually an email or zip submit). And the site doesn't let you watch the episode until you...
  3. giantsfan0806

    Anyone have an Entropay account??

    I'm from the US and I can't get an Entropay account. So I'd like to speak with someone who has either a regular account or a business account (preferably business account). I have a proposition for you :) post here or pm me and I'll send over the details.
  4. giantsfan0806

    What's the best way to get $100 in Liberty Reserve?

    I need $100 in Liberty Reserve as soon as possible, and I've been researching ways to do it. Paypal exchangers are nonexistent, so I looked into bank wires. Basically, I need to pay a $24 fee and wire my money to some random guy in Ohio. Then, based solely on trust, I'm supposed to get $100...
  5. giantsfan0806

    Learn how to Code for free

    I'm not sure how many people out there know this, but universities nowadays post all of their lectures online for the world to see. Currently I'm learning Java through the Stanford basic programming course. So, a step-by-step: 1) Open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store 2) Go to iTunesU 3)...
  6. giantsfan0806

    CPA for minors (under 18)

    Hi lately I've been trying to get accepted to Affiliate Networks, but after reading the Terms of Service, the large majority of the sites say you have to be 18 or older. This includes CJ, all adult affiliates, etc. etc. I want to be accepted to these sites, but is there any way for these...
  7. giantsfan0806

    Free Rapidshare Premium Account -First come first serve

    Hey I bought a 3-day rapidshare premium account yesterday and I'm done with it now, so I will pm the account info to the next 10 people who post in this thread. Hopefully this will save you $6-7 if you want to download something big. I'm limiting it to 10 people so the account doesn't go...
  8. giantsfan0806

    Education vs. Financial Prosperity

    Hi everyone. Recently I've been thinking about education and its correlation with financial prosperity. Contrary to the popular belief that more education leads to more money, I think that an education vs. income graph is closer to a bell curve. Look at the people with PhD's and M.D.'s. They...