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  1. GrowthStrategist

    [WTB] Help Fix my Python script that downloads images from Unsplash

    I believe this is a Python script that opens up Chrome to scrape and download images from Unsplash It worked originally. However the creator from this forum is now not responding to my messages. Sometimes, there are different error messages and it does not get this far Could someone...
  2. GrowthStrategist

    Mass Tinder Accs + New Accs on same device?

    Is there anything I need to do apart from the following to run 2nd account manually on same device after getting banned/delete acc - New pictures with new metadata with BatchPurifier/MD5 hash changer - Reset Mobile device to factory settings - Create new Google Play acc - Create new Email - New...
  3. GrowthStrategist

    [WTB] Instagram Email Scraper

    Looking for a tool that can mine Instagram email addresses at scale. Specifically - able to mine 100,000+ email addresses per day. Using Jarvee, for whatever reason, I am only able to get around 4000-5000 emails per day with 3,000 scrapers. Half the time the emails are missing as well. This is...
  4. GrowthStrategist

    My TOP undervalued Cryptos

    1. COS (Contentos) - Partnered with THETA and Samsung, the vision of Contentos is to build a "decentralized digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded, and traded, while protecting author rights". Contentos strives to incentivize content creation...
  5. GrowthStrategist

    Lead Gen agency: Sell via Pay per Lead or Per Month?

    So we are starting a Lead Gen service by botting on LinkedIn. From your experience, would you say people are happier to pay per lead (say purchasing direct from website) or per month? (with trial if they are unsure) Obviously per month will be a harder pitch since you have no proof the leads...
  6. GrowthStrategist

    Automatic Order fulfillment via API integration?

    A friend told me his friend turns over £10k a week but is giving up dropshipping as he is having to login to Wordpress, manually order all items through Aliexpress and it's just long. What I am wondering is if it is possible to either create a bot or create API integration from...
  7. GrowthStrategist

    [Botting] TikTok Slave accounts

    Funelling traffic from TikTok -> IG -> Website using Jarvee If I bot on many TikTok Slave accounts all linked to my Instagram account, will they flag my Instagram account so that all accounts that link to my Instagram account gets shadowbanned? This seems like something that they would do and...
  8. GrowthStrategist

    Best popular niches to grow instagram accounts?

    I'm growing IG accounts - what are the most popular niches from your experience that lots of people want?
  9. GrowthStrategist

    Need Health & Wellbeing Product Retailers (Worldwide)

    I have setup a new store which looks to offer Health & Wellbeing products, including Nootropics, Stress & Anxiety supplements and Mental and Physical Health products and supplements. Via dropshipping Does anyone own a business who sells these products which I can dropship through? Also do you...
  10. GrowthStrategist

    4G Proxy Selling question

    I am looking to setup 100 x 4G proxies Let's say I ran all 100 x 4g proxies in the same room (rpi/4g router setup) Obviously at some point I'm bound to have the mobile carrier phone me up and ask why there is 100 mobile phones in my house, rather than the employees I told them it was for OK...
  11. GrowthStrategist

    The New "Instagram Growth Agency" Game VS. SMM Panels

    So early 2019 all the agencies were offering F/UF, then the June update came and they are all then offering M/S method / fanpage growth. Now in 2020 it seems to me that they are all ditching both those ideas and just promoting Growth via your content. I.e. you post good content, we send...
  12. GrowthStrategist

    Estimating ranking on low Ahrefs KD keywords

    I've just setup a fresh e-commerce site - this will be my full time business Let's say my On-page SEO is on point and my site is well optimized... but its fresh so DR/UR is 0 From your experience, using: High quality niche relevant guest posts (no spammy links or PBN) & 1000RD+ niche edits...
  13. GrowthStrategist

    Boosting/Growing Instagram carousels or Videos

    As we know, you can still artificially hit explore page on IG by buying Reach from panels However, as video and image carousels become more and more common, it's difficult to boost pages' reach if you are creating carousel/video content, as the algorithm judges time spent watching/how many...
  14. GrowthStrategist

    NECESSARY Software for long-term SEO?

    OK, so I need to do the following: - White hat link building - Build my own PBN and boost my own sites/client sites - Any form of SEO that won't penalise me long term (im growing sites not earning a quick $) What are the BEST tools to have for this? I have heard Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majestic and...
  15. GrowthStrategist

    4G Mobile Proxy not rotating

    Hi guys, just setup my own 4G Mobile Proxy using raspberry pi/dongle However it DOESN'T rotate and I'm not sure how to get it to rotate (I'm aware of using Android/Tasker but I don't want to use a physical phone) How many Instagram accounts do you reckon I can run using Jarvee (client...