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  1. Paniser

    Recommend me blogs about SEO or web development

    Preferably from people who know about the topic, not the typical ones from big companies like semrush. Youtube channels are also valid. I need inspiration for create content :)
  2. Paniser

    I'm lost (Seo, Blogs, Code...)

    Hello everybody, After learning a lot about SEO, I created my first blog about smartphones (which I like). After about 7 months I started to generate about € 200 / € 300 a month (adsense). So I thought it would be easy to replicate again but I created another 10 or 12 blogs and none have...
  3. Paniser

    How to earn money as a web developer?

    Now I earn some money with SEO but I am studying web development in the meantime. Do you know ways to earn money online with these skills? What do you recommend me to learn in programming?
  4. Paniser

    Method for make money with Telegram?

    I am thinking of creating Telegram channels as if they were niche websites. Make them grow and add affiliation (it's really easy on telegram). The question I have is how to generate content automatically. I have thought about adding a web page feed but I don't think it is attractive. What is...
  5. Paniser

    Where they get this bales of clothing?

    I see many ads on these websites that sell a lot of clothing from US brands. It looks like old clothes, I don't know if it's used or not. Perhaps you could sell these types of clothing locally. Do you know any company that exports clothes?
  6. Paniser

    How do I turn my web technology to the next level?

    I have a mobile tutorial site with about 1500 users a day, people come in, see the article and leave the site. I want to form a community, that people enter daily in my page. I have thought about writing articles in tendency that people share but it takes a lot of time and they are not going to...
  7. Paniser

    Tool to choose smartphone in Wordpress

    I want to make a tool in Wordpress that is a questionnaire and depending on the user's answers I recommend 1 smartphone to buy. It would be something basic, not 100% professional either. Any plugin recommendation without knowing coding?
  8. Paniser

    What is happening with Search Console and Analytics?

    According to Analytics I have lost most of my traffic in the last week but Search Console says no. The same thing is happening to me on 2 different websites.
  9. Paniser

    What is the best linkbuilding for niches in 2020?

    Whatever takes the least time. With investment but as little as possible. I don't have time to link on forums for hours. I need something that can be done more or less quickly and safely. Is this possible? :D
  10. Paniser

    Only 1 image in Pinteres generates this traffic.

    1 image on Pinterest, created 2 years ago, small size and poor quality. For almost 1 year the image has been generating this daily traffic on my website. The total amount of money it generates every day is €5 How is this possible? I've tried to replicate it by uploading higher quality images to...
  11. Paniser

    Best way to sell websites to customers?

    I'm thinking of creating websites for clients with little knowledge of computers. The problem is that I do not know how to transfer the hosting, domain, etc. to these people. I have thought about doing it on Wix type platforms to make it easier but it costs money per month if you add a domain...
  12. Paniser

    Tech Blog Journey

    Hello, my name is Antonio and I'm from Spain. Two years ago I started trying to make money on the internet. I made a lot of money selling Instagram followers and other services but I quit because of Instagram updates and customer problems. I have been developing a technology blog for 1 month...
  13. Paniser

    Make money with 2 languages?

    Knowing Russian and Spanish what could I use them for online work?
  14. Paniser

    Text above post Elementor

    I can't get this done. I need to put the "post" widget and have the post title appear above the image and not below.
  15. Paniser

    How to find keywords for a technology blog?

    I have some small niche websites but I want to make a website about a wide niche, mobile, accessories and some technology in general. It's a subject I like quite a lot and that's why I want to work on it. I have in mind to search for keywords of little competition and at the same time create...
  16. Paniser

    Web for a social media agency

    I'm trying to create a social media agency but I don't know what's the easiest way to make a website for clients to buy my services. I have tried to create a wordpress website with a plugin for this but I can't get it to work well... Can you recommend me some way, maybe some bhw service for...
  17. Paniser

    How to search youtube channels with specific subs?

    My plan is this. I want to know if there is a website that shows American youtube channels filtered by their number of subscriptions. This way I can be inspired to make a similar channel in my language (or in English).
  18. Paniser

    Where to find ebooks to make money?

    I want to train and learn as much as possible about ways to earn money online. I don't care if they are paid, I'm interested in quality content to learn as much as possible.
  19. Paniser

    Tools for social media agency?

    A few weeks ago I saw a topic about tools for someone who starts with a social marketing agency. There were a lot of useful websites but I can't find the topic, does anyone know it?
  20. Paniser

    How can I monetize my Website?

    During this summer I made a website about plants. I only received 2 or 3 visits a day and I abandoned it. Today I visit google analytics and I see that I receive about 60 visits every day. I will continue working on it to see where it arrives. What do you recommend that is not adsense and...