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  1. Dubyah

    12 Obsolete SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2020

    Common sense.
  2. Dubyah

    Is this practice harmful?

    Clean them up, it will benefit you in the long run. Lots of custom html/divs make maintenance a pain, especially if you want to redesign or update the templates. Not sure that it's going tot hurt your site though.
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    Internal link to canonicalized pages

    The value is for the user, I imagine page rank won't bleed out as you're essentially linking to the same page. Update your robots.txt to exclude ?filter=value parameters. Example: Disallow: /?search=*
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    How much internal linking is too much for Google ?

    Just do it naturally, an exact number depends on the length of content and how it fits. Make use of sidebars, and link banks.
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    How much did you spend on SEO of your most profitable website ?

    Depends on the niche, what youre going for.. Is it for a quick buck, or are you actually going to make a business out of it. Do you plan on becoming an authority or are you cool with picking up the crumbs. Unless you can write quality content, and garner great links yourself you're probably...
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    Sudden SEO clicks and impression drop, but increase in CTR

    Not surprised. Think about link equity flow. You just introduced X amount of links to almost every page of the site. While the boilerplate algorithm/patent does exist, it does still pass a certain amount of equity. "The patent says that it has the option to not use what it calls “boilerplate”...
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    Call Tracking for SEO

    Services like callrail are amazing you can generate dynamic phone numbers on the fly and even attribute It to the page level.
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    How this website( surviving even after YMYL update? Need advice from US members?

    HON stands for health on net it’s the organization that the world health organization endorses for health related content on the web. You need to apply, and be a legitimate business. It also costs some money.. they spend quite awhile combing through your content and mandate that you do not sell...
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    Starting A Health Website. Need Some Pro Tips.

    Cite your sources, YMYL need to be trustworthy. Limit your ads until you gain traffic / authority in your space. Guestpost on repuatable sites. Get .edu / .gov backlinks (the best way to compete quickly). Goog time to get in the health space. A lot of players got hammered with the Medic upadte...
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    Advice on hiding content

    Google has come out on the record, that content hidden in accordians / dropdowns / tabs is indexed, and ranked. I'd point you to the article but I dont have 15 posts yet. Check Gary Illyes twitter Sept 14th 2018. Or just think about how much of a UX disaster it would be if google couldn't rank...
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    How much does SSL effects the ranking in 2018?

    Strongly suggested. "Sites that remain on the h.t.t.p. non-secure protocol will be flagged with a warning in the URL bar of the surfer’s browser". As of July chrome started flagging non h.t.t.p.s sites. As Nike says "Just Do It".
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    How to Recover The Google Medic Update ?

    Hey Nitin, Unfortnaley there is no magic bullet here. This takes time and resources. You absolutely need to make systemic changes throughout the enitrity of your website if you where affected by this algo change.. First be transparent, who are you? (who's operating the site), what is its goal...
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    Need Quality Content FAST (In HOURS)

    I need quality content fast. Need 4 articles, well written. Urgent & time sensitive. Price is negotiable. PM me please.
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    How To Check SERPs After Google Changes On ccTLDs/User's Location?

    I do it manually for a number of sites / locations. IMO best method is (state/city) (keyword/keywords) right in the search box. It's pretty frustrating I know. You can also use the following: search?q=keyword&near=city Use the + sign if the city has more than one word IE: new+york MOZ also...
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    Do I give up on my 2.3k luxury IG page?

    If you get more likes (engagement) per post by letting them sit for a bit. Your overall engagement will go up.. Ultimately getting you more money once you start featuring content. IMO not the best method for growth, but it will boost engagement %
  16. Dubyah

    Is this a sign of indexation bloat?

    Looks like A.) your product iterations are being indexed B.) what validseo suggested, your pages are being indexed multiple times? I'd try adding some general broad encompassing redirects to your .htaccess file. Should help with the multiple iterations of the same page. IE if a page is...
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    Securing a newly purchased account!

    Has anyone used socialtradia?
  18. Dubyah

    Securing a newly purchased account!

    Hey there, Just recently bought an instagram account with a bunch of followers. I'm wondering how I should go about securing it as to make sure the seller cannot recover the account. Are there steps to take? I used socialtradia to broker the deal. Obviously I'm going to start with changing...
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    Featured snippets in google search: F*cking Cockblocker

    Hey Bruce, I would recommend adding an 'overview' section at the top of your pages, that outlines the content / key take away's of the page. Doing this may be time consuming if you have a large site. But definitely do it on pages that are ranking well. Also if you have an semrush account you...