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  1. AceCanoe

    Just realized I helped my ex make a lot of money with a store I created..

    Long story short. I helped create a Shopify store for my ex girlfriend 1-2 years ago. I haven't been keeping tabs on it that much since I don't have the information to it anymore (she changed the password). However, a month here and there, I check how many views the store gets per month. Just...
  2. AceCanoe

    Google detecting anything to not index/rank your website?

    It may just be my paranoia but I've been thinking Google can detect your device, IP address, host server, any footprint that they can get to prevent websites from getting indexed. I have never touched BH SEO before. If you count duplicate content/spam then sure. Besides that, I try to keep a...
  3. AceCanoe

    Need help fixing a DIV on my website!

    I tried everything to fix this issue I've been having. I can't make this DIV container full size width on my website. It is placed at the very right of the screen, with a lot of space open on the left side. The issue is only visible to Desktop, Tablet (iPad) Devices. If anybody could help me...
  4. AceCanoe

    Google Translate for SEO or Purchasing Translations?

    I have a variety of websites in different languages (French, German, etc) I think Google Translate is not the best for content, therefore, it is why I believe my website's haven't been ranking that well. Maybe Google's recent updates can tell if you're using Google Translate and they don't...
  5. AceCanoe

    Can't get a refund for WP Host - OVH

    I spent around $70 the other day for a Web Host at I was not able to publish my WordPress blog on my domain. It would either redirect to the OVH default page or give the error: "This site can't be reached, refused to connect." The OVH support said they can't refund me if...
  6. AceCanoe

    Help with OVH Web Host

    Edit: Willing to pay if someone can help get my WordPress blog online. I purchased a web host including a domain at and I am not sure how to install WordPress or how to use my website. When I go to my domain, all I see is this: Which is the default page for OVH I believe. I'd...
  7. AceCanoe

    Google favoring Websites with Google Adsense

    This has definitely been an eye opener to me that Google is favoring Websites or Blogs that have Google Adsense on them. I am in a spammy niche you can say, and I've seen most websites that outrank mine have Google ads on them. My websites get penalized often because of the niche I'm in, but...
  8. AceCanoe

    Social Proof For YouTube Videos?

    I see a lot of social proof comments on YouTube videos. I believe it might be through SMM panel or by purchasing aged accounts with subscribers and using them to leave comments. If anybody knows a service like this, let me know. Thanks.
  9. AceCanoe

    No manual action but traffic took a hit

    What would you do in this case? Also noticed when I do, there's less posts indexed. There used to be over 10 pages indexed, now only 3. I'm not sure if it's temporary from the latest update or not.
  10. AceCanoe

    Changing Host To Different Country?

    I just read that it is recommended to change your host server that is closest to your visitors, in terms of ranking factors. One of my blogs that are getting LCP issues is hosted at NameCheap, and most of my visitors are from Germany. Can anyone recommend a good hosting network that is located...
  11. AceCanoe

    Looking for a website designer to create a similar website like this

    I'd like to have a website designed and that looks similar to the one that I like. It is not a WordPress website, I believe it is HTML. If you can code/design a website just like the one I have in mind, please get in touch with me. Thank you in advanced.
  12. AceCanoe

    Do you need a paid plan to launch a Shopify Store?

    Previously I was able to create a free development store and was able to launch it and receive up to 50 orders before having to switch to a paid plan. This was about a year ago. I tried to launch my new store and I couldn't unless I switched to a paid plan. Is it not possible to launch a...
  13. AceCanoe

    Adding A Redirect Script On Web 2.0 With Ads?

    I have a few Web 2.0's that have an annoying amount of ads on them. I feel this interrupts the user experience. I was paying a few bucks a month for them but stopped. Would it ruin my rankings on Google if I added a redirect script to all of my posts and redirected them to my blog?
  14. AceCanoe

    I Used To Get A Lot Of SEO Traffic But...

    I had a website that used to get over 10,000 views per month. This was a lot traffic for me because I had an amazing CTR. However, that was around last year before the Google update. Today I have several websites and blogs, and none of them are barely getting any traction in the SERPS. I am...
  15. AceCanoe

    New Coverage issue detected in Blogger?

    I got an email for one of my Blogger blogs saying: "Coverage issues detected on blog, Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can affect your appearance on Search; some might be reclassified as errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site: Indexed, though...
  16. AceCanoe

    Anyone familiar with Contact Form 7?

    After about an hour of setting up Contact Form 7 with WP Mail SMTP, I am told that the email should be sending from your domain: [email protected] instead of [email protected] I just got done setting up the Google API configuration/Client ID/Client Secret and everything seems to work. My form sends...
  17. AceCanoe

    Can anyone fix some CSS code on my landing page?

    I have 2 landing pages. I am trying to make the second one look like my first one. The only thing I need help with is fixing the CSS box on the landing page, and make it look exactly like the first landing page. Let me know if you are able to help.
  18. AceCanoe

    Google deindexes your site eventually

    I just realized, one of my blogs that I started a few months ago, posted about 30 unique articles in total, some got indexed, others didn't However, today when I did, ALL of them were gone. Now it's showing 1 result which is just the domain. How sad. Google punishes you and...
  19. AceCanoe

    What Theme Is This?

    I want to create a site like this: However it doesn't seem to appear to be a WordPress site.
  20. AceCanoe

    Stupid Q, Can Web 2.0s Have Footprints?

    For example, if I am creating multiple Web 2.0 properties like this: So:,, Will this be a footprint? Would Google catch on to that and penalize them? Would...