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  1. komo22

    Investing & Youtube Journey to 7 Figures

    Between these multiple investment streams and a YouTube channel updating the status on them, lets see how long it takes me to reach 7 figures as well as a monetizable YouTube channel. Stock Market (Taxable & Retirement Account): $91,766 Robinhood (Tecnical Trading): $2,515 Wealthfront...
  2. komo22

    Is something like this available?

    I remember one of the higher ranking members talking about a company who will pay you a large sum for professional job recruitment leads. The website gave you a number where you advertise it for the prospects to call in. If that prospect of yours gets the job and stays for a period of time you...
  3. komo22

    Need to buy active youtube subscribers who like, watch, and comment on my videos

    I know of some services where they can get profiles to comment on videos and even comment on each other comments. I'm wondering if anyone can get me youtube subscribers over a period of time which actively like, comment, and watch my newest videos with high retention. Also if the same profiles...
  4. komo22


    Look at Keemstars newest video and look at recommended. Why are videos with 100 views or less hitting suggested. I don't have my pc with me with tagging software, can someone see if there is a relevant trend going on with tags. I know jake paul, hurricane/weather. But that still doesn't explain...
  5. komo22

    Is there any reason to send lower retention views

    I have had my fulfill of sending views and social signals aprox 40-50k for 40-50k real views while hitting suggested at the creators and videos I was targeting. In doing so I have always choose to send high retention views which claim to allow watch time 70-90% of a 10 min video or longer. Is...
  6. komo22

    Social Exchange Groups for Youtube. Discuss

    I have heard this around blatantly that Youtube Likes and most importantly comments from big accounts can draw in more traffic (specifically if they make them public). Now obviously engagements on video drive up ranking and position to be recommended and of course if some of their fans follow...
  7. komo22

    Youtube Channel Gained 340k+ subs in a day without ppls consent, discuss.

    The seem to be gaining more than 100 subs a second. Some kind of exploit? They do have two other channels one with the same content on a channel with 20k subs and one in Russian with over 1 Mil. Apparently they have only posted two videos ever on this channel. What do you think is going on...
  8. komo22

    Has anyone successfully taken an account name from someone

    Say if you wan't an Instagram username because it's handle includes a part of your business name in it or the entire thing. Going through Instagram's request username setting by report button if you have the name trademarked or it's your company you can file for the name. Have any of you done...
  9. komo22

    Besides easypva

    What other automation websites are you using to verify your Instagram accounts. If your not using a website what method do you use?
  10. komo22

    Time to learn and thanks to everyone for making up this great community

    Hello everyone I'm 16 years old and have been lurking this site reading up on some interesting stuff for about a month. I'm really interested into this whole Internet Marketing idea. In the past I have done social tests on various things in the past, like creating a few accounts on YouTube and...