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  1. kilovats

    Much less views on TikTok than before

    Am I the only one whose accounts seems to be getting proportionally less views in the last few weeks? I used to get more views when I had my account at around 3k followers than now with 50k. I have been consistent in posting (around 35 posts), but the situation is the same for almost every...
  2. kilovats

    WTB Proxy

    Hello, I'm looking for high quality datacenter (IPv4) proxies located in Tier 1 countries (preferably the UK or the US). Looking for a proxy provider that has rotating proxies, but the rotation would only happen on my demand. That is: the proxy is static and doesn't change the IP unless I wish...
  3. kilovats

    Ranking EDU posts

    Hello, I am interested in ranking an edu website on Google. How is this done? How to obtain an edu domain and than make a PDF under the domain and rank it in Google? Since edu domains rank so well such can be used for hyperlinks to the main site. Thanks and cheers!
  4. kilovats

    4G proxies on iOS devices

    Are there any proxy services out there that run their 4G proxies on iOS devices (i.e. Iphones; Ipads etc.)? Majority of 4G proxies are being run on android devices, but I'm looking for someone that does this with iOS. Thank you for all the responses!
  5. kilovats

    TikTok stickers

    Hey, since TikTok have updated their algorithm to target reposted material taken from other sites (ig/yt/etc.) would applying stickers on the post decrease the chance of getting detected? By this I mean not stickers already provided by TikTok but applied by another app. As far as I understand...
  6. kilovats

    Knowing your enemy - trafficking

    Hello my fellow members of the BHW. I posted this thread to ask for some advice. I've come up with a niche that I like and I understand, but I'm a bit confused on what chances do I have and the amounts that i might achieve. While I was researching my niche I came up with some sites that has a...