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  1. iznokill

    [HELP] I got charged extra 2$ on a 0.3$ discount at Namecheap

    hi everyone, I just subscribed to a 0.3$ for the first month offer for wordpress hosting at namecheap after checkout I received a message from my bank saying that I was charged 2 more extra dollars than the subscription price . Can someone tell me if it's normal or explain it to me
  2. iznokill

    Best free or cheap hosting?

    hi bhw community . Does anyone know any good with no limitations and uptodate hosting services ? Free or cheap ones if possible. Thanks in advance PS: to mainly host a WordPress page
  3. iznokill

    [HELP] newbie want to learn WORDPRESS and SEO

    hi everyone, I am new to the fields and wanted your help . Someone can point me out to the best courses to learn wordpress and SEO ( you can point out to a course from udemy) . And thank you
  4. iznokill

    Is this the official BHW app?

    Hi everyone . I just wanted to ask if this is the official BHW app on the playstore (if not why not contribute together and make one so the community may interact fast and efficiently using their mobile phones.