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  1. bllec1998

    [ERROR] Instagram Redirects to Homepage IG Botting

    So as the title says: Why do some accounts redirect to homepage whenever they try to follow? In gmt2 shows up as suspicious activity but no way to mail or phone verify when I access through embed browser and it is all fine until I try to follow somebody, it redirects back to homepage... Any...
  2. bllec1998

    [HIPOTHESIS] Something we are missing on IG

    For all those who are doing Adult + Smartlinks on instagram, haven't you thought that it is pretty weird that instagram detects this type of accounts so quickly? The banrates are by far the highest at least from my experience my regular CPA accs have lasted for months while adult accs don't...
  3. bllec1998

    Checks Accs Original Email

    How can I make sure the account I bought comes with the actual original email?
  4. bllec1998

    Instagram Unexplainable Blocks / Redirects

    Hello guys So today 2 of my accounts got "Suspicious Activity" error from GMT2 but when I right click to email verify. No option to email verify appears, so I log In into the Inbuilt GMT2 Browser, and everything looks fine, I can login, but when I procceed to follow users I get redirected to...
  5. bllec1998

    Copyrights & Legal Issues on Blogs & Dropshiping Sites

    So I am concerned about 1 issue I came up with thinking about ways to monetize a site. I am aware that in the domain no registered names can be used but... So let´s say I create a merchandise store where I resell/dropship stuff from movies or from rock bands, would that be legal? Would there...
  6. bllec1998

    [HELP] Limits on Rotating Residential Proxies

    Hey there 2 quick questions Are rotating residential proxies a good idea for Instagram, to me it sound as agreat one since it basically the same as a human accessing from home or from any wifi. How many accounts would you run on 1 port? Have you tried residential proxies from storm proxies?
  7. bllec1998


    Does the web based bot, followplanner require any proxies to manage the accs?
  8. bllec1998

    [HELP] Any Program to delete IG Accs Info in Bulk?

    Hello was wondering if there is any tool to delete/change every single detail from an IG account?
  9. bllec1998

    [HELP] Instagram Proxy Service with NO Like Blocks

    Hello guys As there is a huge community here doing IG Botting I would like to throw out this question based on you guys experiences. I do CPA and manage client accounts, 2 totally different purposes. In both I am using the same proxy service and as far as follows go I am getting no blocks at...
  10. bllec1998

    [Help] Legal Issues Regarding OGAds

    So basically I am getting some consistent money everyday on OGAds through IG accounts. I am planning to scale this up big time, and this brings a bigger concern to my mind. Is it possible to get into a big legal problems by promoting offers such as free followers, gift cards, clash royale...
  11. bllec1998

    [Help] Sock vs SSL - Best Proxy Type for IG Botting

    Hey guys so I was wondering whats the difference betweeen SOCKS Protocol and SSL Protocol Proxies and which of those is better to bot on instagram! Thanks for the help
  12. bllec1998

    OGAds IG+ CPA Conversion Rate Per X Clicks ?

    Hi guys, I started last week on OGAds and I am already making some money, I plan to dcale it hardcore to maximize the profits. In order to maximize profits aswell I would like to know what you guys get on average, how many clicks become a conversion with your IG + CPA.?
  13. bllec1998

    Any site to download free audiobooks?

    Anybody knows somewhere where we can find any audiobook for free since they are extremely expensive
  14. bllec1998

    How fast is your ecommerce Store?

    Hi there, I have been optimizing websites for a while now, it is something quite interesting to do and I would like to share my scores with you guys and compare. This particular ecommerce has alidripship woo incorporated and 600 products in it. It has an affiliate program plugin incorporated...
  15. bllec1998

    Setting Up MLM Affiliates for my Dropshipping Store

    Okei, so I am running a Woocommerce powered dropshipping store with alidropship and thinking about many methods to bring traffic to our site we came up with the idea of setting up an Affiliate prigram inside our own site giving money for each sale and having the possibility to rank up on the...
  16. bllec1998

    Buying instagram account tips please?!

    So If I buy an insta account through paypal and its a scam can I chargeback? And how can I know if the IG accounts original email was provided and not an other one?
  17. bllec1998

    Alternative ways of running an Instagram Business + Possible Dropshipping Journey

    Hey there, I think it is time to present myself, I am a 19 year old college student from Spain, I love learning about alternative ways to market a product effectively and this is obviously the place to go. I earn some money doing wordpress sites for some customers but it is not my passion, I...
  18. bllec1998

    Experience with blazingseollc proxies? For botting

    Has anybody tried blazingseollc proxies? In this case how do they work for you?
  19. bllec1998

    Should we worry about this change?

    it basically says on the new update changelog that the instagram algorithn will analyze deeper on how we scroll etc to distinguish between human and bot behaviour.
  20. bllec1998

    Buying Instagram Account through Western Union?

    So I contacted this guy who supposedky sells insta accounts, he is selking me one for 400€ and he insists to be paid through western union, he is from Kosovo, he provided me with passport image and a video of the western union payment paper. Do you think he can be trusted? Or any suggestions to...