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  1. iggypop

    Yahoogroups and Dupilcate Content?

    I am fixing up the SEO for a friend's authority site. This person has never had any real SEO done but tons of potential. The issue is they have a dedicated mailing list they use with yahoogroups (it's been around for about 10 years), and it looks like google is indexing all of the yahoogroups...
  2. iggypop

    NSFW Plugin?

    I am looking to create a blog with some "over 18" content, and want to add a button to turn on NSFW mode and auto-hide certain categories or tags from the front page. Seems like I wouldn't be the first person to need such a thing, but I can't find anything like this, other than Content Warning...
  3. iggypop

    cpa. is this idea white, grey, or blackhat?

    New to cpa side of things... I have a product i want to sell, but my audience doesn't have a ton of cash. I wouldn't mind giving the product to them for free if they would fill out a cpa offer that's interesting to them and roughly the equivalent of my product's retail price. My crowd would go...
  4. iggypop

    Google Buzz launched today.. Twitter's new competitor

    Google buzz launched today. All gmail accounts now have twitter-like functionality. Post photos, videos, and links... Waiting for socialoomph or to add functionality.. Opportunities?
  5. iggypop

    Any BH's into Social Engineering?

    Hey any of you guys into social engineering? You know, getting things and information you're not supposed to have? I don't see too much talk about it on here, but they go hand in hand...
  6. iggypop

    Niche site. Can you get me $10-$12 cpm?

    I run a niche site that is generating solid organic traffic. Looking for someone close to a network that can get me guaranteed $10-$12 cpm, you keep a cut for being my "in". Not looking to cheat anyone - totally legit music network with a growing userbase. But i need a better paying cpm with a...
  7. iggypop

    Myspace Elevator Pitch Development

    I've personally collected 300,000 TARGETED Myspace accounts sorted by state in the usa and by country elsewhere in the world, and then i created 70 myspace profiles to represent them. I'm now taking that list and pitching in a message via friendblasterpro to get them to come over to my social...
  8. iggypop

    Starting a CPA program

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in. I don't have much experience with cpa. I was thinking about offering incentives for people who get targetted leads signing up on a site i run and completing an online profile. In short, running a pretty standard cpa offer. Didn't know how to go...
  9. iggypop

    Myspace Comeback?

    I've noticed my myspace traffic is starting to pick up a little. Makes me think that people are rediscovering it. All things go full circle, though. The next hot trend can be an old hot trend. Anyone else having similar experiences?
  10. iggypop

    My google traffic started growing out of nowhere!

    I even gave up looking at analytics a while back while struggling to get some real traffic consistently on my site. Well, since late april/early may, I have had a really good system in place to do just that. Quality traffic. No junk. Tons of SEO tweaking over the last year as well. I checked...
  11. iggypop

    Google just sent me a $50 voucher!!

    Anyone else getting this? They're giving them to users of Google Analytics: I've never seen them that generous before. Maybe their recent adsense tos changes that affected a bunch of us affected them pretty adversely too. I think the market has opened.
  12. iggypop

    Changed all my ads to CJ starting now

    Giving CJ a full push. I was using adsense and linkshare before. New to CJ. So far, I'm more impressed with the quality of lead payouts and interface vs linkshare. As far as adsense, my days of contextual advertising are over for now. Been there, done that. It's not quite what I'm looking for...
  13. iggypop

    Analyzing EPC?

    I'm pretty new to CJ. I'm wondering from the experts how much stock i should put in the 7 DAY or 3 month EPC when deciding which ads to post on my site. Is this a good indicator of public taste at the moment - something I should keep taking notes on, or is it more an indicator of a few crafty...
  14. iggypop

    These affiliate banner ads suck sometimes

    Overall, if I'm not changing the intention of the product but making a campaign with more edge, can I create my own product banners for most affiliate systems or is it on a case by case basis? For instance, I think my linkshare affiliates offer good products, but their ads are totally wrong for...
  15. iggypop

    A good 420 affiliate, anyone?

    I'm looking at using a 420 affiliate. Some offer 50% commission which sounds good. I was just wondering who had experience with any of them. Which are best with payments, options, etc?
  16. iggypop

    Lost some accounts today

    Lost some twitter accounts today. Everything is testing. Test. Test. Test. There are no final ways to go about this. EVERYTHING is an experiment. Even the things I do that are successful. They're just experiments. They're not rules. They can try and stop me. When these things happen, I usually...
  17. iggypop

    Twitter clone with niche (ewhoring , whatever)

    Hey guys, wanted to contribute a site idea that I think will be very beneficial for some of you. I'm launching 3 more niche twitter clones next week. Easy to build, some css and php coding skills required. Promoting them using your other blackhat/whitehat methods, this would be very easy to do...
  18. iggypop

    Stumbleupon banned my domain

    I think this is kind of silly because I'm very well aware of NOT abusing social bookmarking and networking services and, while sure I want to promote my site and the things I like about it, I am not a crazy spam bot. Their ban ratio is pretty insane. It initially started with a blank screen when...
  19. iggypop

    Wanted: Marketing Partner - Long Term

    Hey everyone, hopefully I can find the right person with this ad. I have a company in the music niche. I am primarily in the subniche of guitar hero oriented rock. I have a very active forum, lots of unique and duplicated content, original music (we run a label too), daily updates, and the site...