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  1. CorpMaster

    How much does SSL effects the ranking in 2018?

    You can get a basic SSL cert for free at CloudFlare. I've been using it on my sites, personal and otherwise and it's working real good for me. EZ to setup. CM
  2. CorpMaster

    GDPR: Do you think they will come after small sites? Thoughts?

    I doubt this EU GDPR thing will have an easy time collecting anything from outside the EU countries themselves unless those non-EU businesses are directly doing actual business in the EU countries. CM
  3. CorpMaster

    [METHOD] Create your own PBN for FREE (using Web 2.0s)

    NICE post! Haven't done much with Tumblr yet. I'll keep this in mind when I do. Thanks! CM
  4. CorpMaster

    Anyone experiencing massive Tumblr accs banned?

    Good points! Thanks. CM
  5. CorpMaster

    IG Account Disabled By Competitor. Do I have a chance?

    Hope this works out for you. Since FB owns IG, you may need some luck to get it back. CM
  6. CorpMaster

    My Facebook personal account banned

    FB is getting tougher and tougher to use. Like many of the others here, it seem like your account was probably hacked. FB doesn't ask for money to get your account back. Sorry to hear about your bad luck losing your FB account. CM
  7. CorpMaster

    FB Ads how to target crypto niche?

    Yeah, that is true. FB cracking down on the cryptocurrency stuff. CM
  8. CorpMaster

    [GET] 16 Assorted Audio/Video Media Graphics

    8 Miscellaneous Audio Media Graphics 8 Miscellaneous Video Media Graphics These are very good quality. Size: 400x400 File Types: PNG, PSD DLoad (20MB): VT Scan...
  9. CorpMaster

    Minimalist eCommerce Icons Set

    Minimalist eCommerce Icons Set 30 ecommerce icon package. 4 different styles. File Types: PNG, EPS DLoad (768KB): VT Scan:
  10. CorpMaster

    Auto Post RSS Feed To Social Media??

    Some good suggestions here. Thanks! CM
  11. CorpMaster

    How can one make Good money from blog ?

    As some others mentioned already, you need to have consistency with posting valuable content and finding different ways to drive traffic to your blog first. Once that is going then you need to figure what you will want to use as your income generator. Adsense is a good start once you have some...
  12. CorpMaster

    Instagram still worth it?

    Consistency needs to happen with social networks such as IG, FB, Twitter, etc. I know people using IG with great success and they are the ones that are consistent. I've kind of lagged a bit, myself, with IG and I need to work at it better see it's potential happen. Just Do It!
  13. CorpMaster

    Instagram Blocking and Unblocking Users Limits

    That's an interesting question as I never thought about that aspect. I'm curious to see if someone comes up with the answer to your question.
  14. CorpMaster

    Anonymity for begginers. 10 ways to detect your facebook account is a fake (Pt.1)

    Excellent read. Thanks for these insights. People need to realize that FB isn't a slouch when it comes to "weeding" people out. They know ALL! :D
  15. CorpMaster

    Does the trick for populating your groups work?

    THAT can backfire on you if they complain about being added without their approval. FB has a heavy "ban" hammer if they get complaints about this happening. Personally, I would never do that. I think it is counter-productive. IMO, of course. :cool:
  16. CorpMaster

    White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

    Great Post! You 'laid it out' very well. Like anything else in life, one has to maintain a balanced perspective. Long term thinking vs short term thinking. CM
  17. CorpMaster

    Do Wikipedia links help you rank?

    Interesting info on this thread. Weird, I just never thought about Wiki stuff. Need to look more into it when I have time.
  18. CorpMaster

    Blogging Platform

    I don't see how IG could really do that very well as a pseudo-blog. People on IG are there mainly for the pics/images. But youu can't add live links to the image description like you can with a blog post. It's not like FB, where you could use a FB fan page as a blog. But even with that, you...
  19. CorpMaster

    What Is Happening? My Post Reach Is Going Crazily Good?!

    Sounds like you have a viral post going on. Enjoy while it lasts. :D
  20. CorpMaster

    How often do you update your Blog ?

    I try to post every day. Sometimes more. If I'm providing value to those reading, I'm not too worried about how often I post. CM