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  1. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist

    Not at all. I am just explaining how to do it this method utilizing the pineapple. You can replace the pineapple with anything you want and can get working.
  2. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist

    The method I have detailed utilizes the wifi pineapple.
  3. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist

    You are correct, the method can be done with any device that you can set up what you need on. This uses the ease of use that the wifi pineapple provides. Again, this is not a new method....just a twist on it. The thing I like is that out of the box it works. Also the captive portal and all...
  4. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist

    You could do that defiantly. If you are static in one place and using a content locker I would have it 're-lock' every 1 or so and rotate ads between different affiliate networks. **Advice** I would put (upgrade) the pineapple with some high-gain antennas in scenario of a apartment building...
  5. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist

    Its explained within the PDF. I couldn't get the graphics to work properly in a post and the first pic gives an explanation of the method. In a nutshell it shows you how to setup a portable wifi access point using a Wifi Pineapple device to spoof AP names (among other things) to get devices to...
  6. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist

    New download site: VirusTotal:
  7. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist VirusTotal: **This is a PROOF OF CONCEPT method. I am sure that there are many many fun ways to twist this to...
  8. darksorrow

    Any ides for phone number and email list.

    I am working on a project with a couple people and one of the byproducts is a list of Name, email, address, phone#. This list is currently ~100k entries and growing at a rate of ~100 per day. The list demographic varies slightly but mainly women 30-55 years old living in the United States...
  9. darksorrow

    Cam Model Affiliate Program Recommendation

    I am looking for a cam site where I can sign up models for a share of their earnings. My main requirement is that I can easily/seemlessly iframe their signup page and that they train the models and take it from there. I want to sign them up, forget about them, and collect. Anyone have...
  10. darksorrow

    Whats The Best Wordpress Theme-Plugin-Script For A Coupon Site!

    Directory Press 6.7 Nulled INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS Unpack and upload the directorypress folder to wp-content/themes Activate it in WordPress Admin -> Appearance -> Themes -> DirectoryPress 6.7 Click the Directory Press tab Click Generate License, then Save *Optional - Install...
  11. darksorrow

    [BETA]Facebook clickjacking script, testers needed

    I would like to try the script. I have a good source of twitter traffic available to test with.
  12. darksorrow

    Ways to f**k up someone's life / make their life a living hell?

    One of my favorites, fake a "personal" email from him to his/her gay lover and "accidentally" send it off to the companies distribution list. They never live it down.
  13. darksorrow

    Twitter/Clickbank Automated Cash Machine

    Solid method. Going to try outsourcing it and see what happens. I attached a check-off sheet if anyone is interested. It will take you through the account creation and 14 days of promotion. (always pays to stay organized)
  14. darksorrow

    EPN approvals

    My advice would be to keep everything separate and consistent as much as possible. IP addresses especially.
  15. darksorrow

    EPN approvals

    In a nutshell: (1) get a Private VPN Proxy (2) get a good domain and a good whitehat website (3) Age the website (4) Apply for paypal and verify the account (5) Apply for EPN Make sure you clear you cookies and only access things through you VPN Proxy. The more you make you will find out...
  16. darksorrow

    Want to buy an EPN account - what should I know?

    You should also make sure it has a domain attached to it as well. Quality of the EPN is key, since any mistake made during the creation can influence how valid it looks and how long it lasts.
  17. darksorrow

    make money with epn

    Great advice there. I got nailed a few times because I wasn't careful on my IPs / cookies and got to greedy. Its better to have 10 accounts making $400/month rather than 2 account making $2000/month.
  18. darksorrow

    Living the Dream with AutoBlogs

    I am sure I have at some point, I really don't keep track of that. I just create them, check on them a week after creation, and move on. Eventually I plan to evaluate the performance of each blog and cut/redo the low performers. But thats a lot of work, right now my time is spread pretty...
  19. darksorrow

    Living the Dream with AutoBlogs

    Sorry for neglecting my thread, but its been a little crazy in my life. So for an update, I hope I hit all your questions. Right now I have around 300 autoblogs active and running on 3 main niches subject: Finance/Credit/Loans, Weightloss/Health, Sweating/Body Odor. I consistently get...
  20. darksorrow

    Kansas City BH Meet

    I am in for a meet up. Always like rubbing shoulders with fellow black-hatters.