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  1. Jerk55

    Any service that sells Semrush/Ahrefs trial accounts on here?

    As the title says...looking for a new semrush Guru 14-day trial account (preferably) or Ahrefs 7-day trial account for my use exclusively, not to be shared with anyone. Is there anyone that sells this on BHW? Edit: Please don't tell me to do it myself. I know how to. I just can't do it myself.
  2. Jerk55

    I miss the old days

    Back when the web was simple, before all the crazy Google animal updates started, you'd... - search for something and all the sites on the first page would be relevant to your query. Now all you get is authority sites that happened to mention the keyword you searched for once in their...
  3. Jerk55

    What indexer currently gives you results?

    So it appears most indexers no longer work. What indexer currently gives you results? Is Speed Links still effective? Please share your recent experience with backlink indexers.
  4. Jerk55

    How to get cheap quality content? Does anyone still use iwriter?

    Hi all, I'm on a low budget so I'm looking for affordable writers. Does anyone still use Iwriter? What methods do you use to find quality affordable writers for your niche sites? I'm looking for writers that can write 1,000 words for $10 or less. I'm not looking for extremely high quality...
  5. Jerk55

    1 million per month on only fans

    Shocking, but this girl is doing it: Simps are the biggest revenue generators in the world.
  6. Jerk55

    [GUIDE] Why You Can't Rank High For Your Low Competition Keywords

    This is going to be a short one. Ever found a seemingly low competition keyword, wrote a post targeting it, and built some links to it only to find out you're not even in the top 100 after a month? Your guess is as good as mine. You actually chose a high competition keyword. Search volume and...
  7. Jerk55

    I've been wondering...

    What happens if you open your profile page and report yourself? :)
  8. Jerk55

    WordPress 5.5 New Features

    I just upgraded. Here are some of the newly added features it comes with: Speed Posts and pages feel faster, thanks to lazy-loaded images. Images give your story a lot of impact, but they can sometimes make your site seem slow. In WordPress 5.5, images wait to load until they’re just about to...
  9. Jerk55

    Does PayPal still accept Payoneer cards?

    Does anyone know if PayPal still accepts Payoneer cards? I heard they stopped accepting prepaid cards.
  10. Jerk55

    Need to make an urgent payment

    Need to make an urgent payment but my bank began blocking PayPal transactions last week and the seller only accepts PayPal. What website can I get a card from that works with PayPal? The amount is $17 and I need to make the payment today.