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  1. chucklechuck

    BTB Method - FB Groups

    Hi, though i'd post up to bounce off others as plan to hit this hard in January.....late to the party but this is an evergreen method :-) Original credit to BassTrackerBoats -...
  2. chucklechuck

    How can i extract tables to edit

    I want to be able to copy the contents of tables on web pages into something like excel so i can easily edit. e.g. I want to be able to get the tables in the same format but i always end up with the columns mixed up and the images all over the page...
  3. chucklechuck

    How to exploit my son?

    Got a very funny video of my 3 month old son that i'm going to upload to YT and throw some views, comments etc. at it...good go viral, everybody laughs their arse off every time they see it. he's crying and pulling some funny faces (can't do it justice in words) Any ideas of a way to monetize it?
  4. chucklechuck

    Am i being hacked and what are they doing?

    Not being too up on hacking i don't really know what this all means but doesn't look good. Anybody have any advice? Thanks in advance more info , Mozilla/3.0 (OS/2; U) December 25, 2008 12:40:46...
  5. chucklechuck

    Need an IMDB content scraper

    Does anybody know where i can find a decent imdb content scraper that would allow to show latest releases etc on my site? Had a scout around here and google but can only find scrapers for home media/personal use etc. Can't see any feeds from their site either! Any advice would be...