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  1. adska

    Viber/Whatsapp advertising

    Hello, how do you think if Viber/Whatsapp advertising can be effective? Perhaps have you ever tried such method? I have a huge list tel.numbers which use viber or whatsapp app, so i would be able to send ads to every of them, because there is no any restriction or spam protection like a FB...
  2. adska

    facebook comments

    Hello, I would be able to get a lot of custom facebook comments from different accounts, how could i monetize it? I have one idea, post my any affiliate link, then write postitive and neutral comments on that post about service or item and finally boost that post by fb ads, what do u think is it...
  3. adska

    XVideos accounts

    Hello, are xvideos accounts with ~100k friends valuable? how can I monetize them?
  4. adska

    Question about PayPal API

    Hello, I would like to create crypto exchange system where you can buy and sell bitcoins by paypal. All payments would be executed by paypal API. but i am afraid of possible Paypal API blocking of my domain. Could they block API requests from my domain? I nowhere found about such cases.
  5. adska

    Email marketing

    Hello, I would be able to send over 2 milllion emails per day. Emails are not marked as spam. Emails would be sent random emails, not target audience. How far is it effective? Could it be effective way to make any money? if yes, what should I advertise?
  6. adska

    Make money with programming skill

    Hello,i am programmer. I can program anything - bots, scrapers, servers, webs and so on. But i am afraid of creating huge project, because i already had several my own projects, but they weren't successful and i just wasted my time. I am looking idea or suggestion how can i monetize my...
  7. adska

    FB messenger spam

    Hello, anyone have ever tried to spam something via FB messenger? is it effective? does FB detect messenger spam ? It looks easy to make this process automatically and I hope it would be much effective than email spam. I would be able sent over 1 million messages per day
  8. adska

    CPALead + CPA traffic

    Hello, anyone have ever tried method like this - buy cpa traffic and promote cpalead offers? actually when you are buying cpa traffic you pay only for conversions, so if you set cpa conversion bid lower than cpa offer profit, you will get guaranteed profit. sounds great ,what do you think about it?
  9. adska

    About PlugRush CPM

    Hello, I use plugrush direct url to sell my traffic, but I dont understand how CPM price is calculated. If I use php header function to redirect my traffic to direct url then CPM price is rougly low 0.05 $/1000 impression, but if I use javascript redirect window.location.href then CPM price is...
  10. adska

    Ad Networks supporting direct Urls for Pop unders

    Hi, anyone know Ad Networks supporting direct URLs for pop-unders? to send traffic via own pop code.
  11. adska

    Monetize your content with social network lock!

    Hello, some time ago i was searching website where i can lock url by facebook, twitter or something social web, but i found nothing similar to it :eek: only various scripts and wp plugins. I was really suprised, so decided to make it myself. Today I want to present where you can...
  12. adska

    Looking mobile traffic

    I am looking buy mobile popunder traffic. Traffic quality and geo location is not important, only would be good if price would be less than 0.3 $ / 1000 shows, at this time i only know one source plugrush :/ Do you have any suggestions?