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  1. rizzmond

    Thepiratebay - problem with login

    I always used to be able to use proxys even some public proxys would work but most were soft blocked. Now I can use any proxys and get failed login. sometimes i do get logged in but then i get problems like pages not loading but they load fine when not logged in using same proxy? its really...
  2. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    Please read the thread peeps, the bookmarks are no longer available!! Id love to do free bookmarks all day but me and my family must eat. yes I had many free bookmark request from new users with one post only ie just joined the site to get something free (tut tut) but I didnt put any...
  3. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    Look above your post :eek: are you on drugs :confused:
  4. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    If your still sending me PMs for free bookmarking then sorry you missed them! Had a few users asking what software I use and If its any good? well its called BookmarkBiz (is that a typo?) and I dont rate it that much myself, very buggy and far from complete solution. the price is very high...
  5. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    ok seems ppl arnt reading propelly because im still getting pm`s FREE BOOKMARKING HAS STOPPED NO MORE FREE BOOKMARKS DO NOT PM ME FOR FREE BOOKMARKS all users who have pmed before I stopped WILL get there free bookmarks!
  6. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    OK due to being out all day yesterday I only managed 2 submissions. I now have about 50 members waiting for there submissions and it will take me a day or 2. So please dont send any more PMs, no more free bookmarks available from this point sorry. For everyone that has PMed me I will be working...
  7. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    Yes its totally free and yes its still available :) Ive had some problems with the software as its kinda buggy and taking more time to do all the bookmarks than I thought. It doesnt seem to like alot of threads so im doing the customers urls 1 by 1. If you have sent me your details or your...
  8. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    Brotato is done slight delay as Im setting some new accounts up. expect your links to be submitted some time today, you will get a PM when done. :)
  9. rizzmond

    Free Proxies - 10 Per BHW Member!

    Id like some please if there still going
  10. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    Hi all I bought a well known bookmarking software and just in the middle of testing and using it. I decided to offer a free bookmarking service as I cant see it will hurt and will actually make the accounts look more legit. I will bookmark 1 url per user you get your url submitted to...
  11. rizzmond

    Looking for demonoid invite

    Hi all Im looking for a demonoid invite if anyone can sort me out. I have a 100mbit connection and I am not a leecher. Have many quality torrents to share. anyone help me????
  12. rizzmond

    We Do Link Building for your site! Increase your site Traffic!

    Me to! im waiting for my order to be completed and I have emailed you but had no response. Can you tell me and others what the turn around time is on your service and answer your emails please.
  13. rizzmond

    [Get] Free 100+ forum profiles from me

    Sent you a PM, fingers crossed
  14. rizzmond

    We Do Link Building for your site! Increase your site Traffic!

    Package #2 ordered, looking forward to seeing the results. Thanks!
  15. rizzmond

    ULTIMATE stat / referral site list - PRstorm etc

    sorry for the delay not been around here for a while. same list just re-upped :)
  16. rizzmond

    List of 400,000 Google Scraped Blogs

    not sure if these are stat sites for prstorm or blogs to post comments to, or both? Cleaned the list up abit :) 208904 duplicate urls removed malware urls removed list is in alphabetical order aswell
  17. rizzmond

    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    Ive noticed a PR increase on all my sites with this tool, had 1 site go from PR0 to PR3 with this tool only, as I didnt promote any other way. Also beat my own record of comment posting with free proxies did a list of over 70000 no problem.
  18. rizzmond

    Anyone know how to password protect a wordpress blog?

    password protect the directory in your hosting account would would for the whole site, cpa gateway plugin or script might be able restrict access to certain posts.
  19. rizzmond

    YouTube Ban/Spam Problem

    although my accounts arnt banned I got myself some new ones and less comments seem to go straight to spam. maybe yt flags accounts as spammers but still active. and bans later, not sure. still testing.
  20. rizzmond

    YouTube Ban/Spam Problem

    thats a great idea but I still think its the accounts or proxies causing the instant spam flag, and im leening towards proxie