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  1. bladee4r

    New TikTok money tree method for content creators

    I've seen this on a couple accounts recently, it's insane. This one guy @znamenok has a live video as I am writing, with 115,000 live viewers watching. There are hundreds of gifts pouring in every second. And what is he doing? He is sitting in front of a bowl of maggots pretending to eat them...
  2. bladee4r

    How do you guys smoke??

    I started smoking cigarettes recently cause this really hot girl I met smokes. And it's hot in a way like that girl in the Matrix movie vibe. It's been 2 weeks only and my throught is always feeling a bit clogged now, like I'm always having to clear it. How do u guys do this for so long??:alien:
  3. bladee4r

    Should I buy this domain?

    Hey guys, found this expired domain for sale. Seems to have a few good keywords and some nice backlinks. DNS history is alright. Should I give it a go?
  4. bladee4r

    How do you keep organized?

    With so many projects, how do you keep track and organize the work to be done between them? Personally, I like doing "todo"s for each one. What about you?
  5. bladee4r

    Python Requests w/ proxy leaking real IP

    Hey, anyone have experience with Requests leaking real IP even though using proxy?
  6. bladee4r

    Safest IM-Related business to build?

    There is a lot of debate on what to build - whether it will last long, or keep you stable income flowing under pressure. What do you think is the safest IM business route to take? Is it SEO? Building youtube channel? When I say "safe" I mean, provides stable (not necessarily a lot) income, and...
  7. bladee4r

    Scraping help with Python/JS

    I just need to run one script on a website to fill a text box. Similar to if you went into ctrl + shift + i, then to browser console and pasted a Javascript. Using python and no selenium. Is there a way to run console javascript similar to how you can do it in selenium? Tried python-html...
  8. bladee4r

    I hate the current state of crypto.

    Hi, a user messaged me about crypto and I wanted to put my response out to you guys on my current views of crypto, and possibly see what you guys think or hope to inform you guys somewhat. I would tag them, but maybe they don't want that. If they want to comment below they can. The truth is, I...
  9. bladee4r

    any bot maker can help?

    When scraping with Python is there a secret method to make reCaptcha not trigger? Or am I f***ed?
  10. bladee4r

    Best free Android emulator for PC not Bluestacks?

    Anyone have experience with android emulators on PC besides bluestacks? Recommendations?
  11. bladee4r

    [Method] Tik Tok Live Streams are a gold mine

    Hey guys, wanted to share with you a silly but easy method I have seen, and I think with some twists or special ideas any one of you could make some quick cash with. I want to bring up an example of a really dumb but simple format that I have seen a few times that is bringing in a lot of money...
  12. bladee4r

    How do you think through a problem?

    When you have hit a dead end, or need to think about working something out, how do you work through it? Curious to what you guys do. Personally, I go into a paint file and start drawing out diagrams or typing freely.
  13. bladee4r

    New Youtube method?? - this is insane

    Check this video out (not mine). Everything is explained in the video, but to summarize it he tests whether having people watch a video at 0.25% will increase retention rate. And you can obviously tell it does, compare to all of his other videos view counts and reach. The implications of this...
  14. bladee4r

    What OS do you use?

    I would think most people here use Linux due to its capabilities. But just curious.
  15. bladee4r

    Do you live the "Degenerate" Lifestyle?

    I have seen a lot of mention online about the "degenerate" lifestyle. It's when you don't really have a sleep schedule, maybe don't go outside much, just kind of hang around and kind of NEET life. I feel like maybe a lot of us here do that, because IM / Crypto / ... never sleeps. There is no...
  16. bladee4r

    Iphone just bricked - best android to buy

    Hey guys anyone use android? Which is the best to buy?? My iphone just broke and I don't want to buy apple again lol
  17. bladee4r

    We live in the matrix

    In 10 years everything will be paid for with crypto. There will be strippers on the corners of the block with codes you can donate to from your personal wallet. Everything will be automated and minimize the "impact" of spending. Consume consume consume. We will all live a double life in VR with...
  18. bladee4r

    Screenshot for getting into Affiliate Network

    I'm looking for someone who can send me screenshots of completed payments from affiliate network platforms from last 2 months, and also screenshots of statistics by geo for a month. I don't care if they are fabricated that's fine. The reason I don't want to use my own is bc I am needy about my...
  19. bladee4r

    Do u care about watching the olympics?

    Wondering what u guys are thinking :anyway:
  20. bladee4r

    Thoughts on the recent influx of ultra-shit coins?

    I have seen recently extreme influx of not shit coins --- ultra shit coins. Im talking telegram groups with 1000-5000 people with copied and pasted BSCscan code from other dogshit coins. Some examples. Tikitoken egoD (doge reversed, what the fuck?) Dogeson UncleDoge ..... seriously what the fuck...