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  1. cryptovkng

    How to avoid Trustpilot reviews being removed?

    Hey guys, I have tried every possible tactic to post Trustpilot reviews now. Finally, I thought I have found a way for them to stick, but suddenly one day all the (fake) reviews got removed at once. This is what I did last time: - Multi-agent browser (I used ClonBrowser) - Luminati proxy (both...
  2. cryptovkng

    Can't post Trustpilot review using Linken Sphere

    Hi guys, I have been experimenting with both Sphere and Linken Sphere to publish Trustpilot reviews. Everything looks good, except that Trustpilot returns "Sorry! Your cookies appear to be disabled. Please enable them to post your review." when I click the post review button. When I...
  3. cryptovkng

    Hello all!

    Hi guys, cool to finally become a member after following this forum for quite some time! I'm a full-time entrepreneur and run a SaaS business I own. Looking to take my business to the next level with help from this community. Cheers