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    Twitter Paid Ads and Cryptocurrency

    Hi Does anyone have any tips on getting crypto ads approved on Twitter paid ads? This isn't ICO, I'm just trying to link to like to the home page of a crypto token.
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    Need to scrape emails from list of domains

    I have a list of domains i would like to extract emails from one way or the other. I already have the domains so o no need for scraping. I installed AtomicEmailHunter but i doesnt seem to have a option to import domains its all about scraping them first. Any ideas on a decent software of...
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    40,000 FREE Expired Tumblr Accounts (Google Sheets)

    Enjoy, I hope you get some goodies ***link removed***
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    What is this plugin?

    When you try and leave this page it auto redirects with a message does anyone know what this plug-in is? Thanks
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    What is this software?

    Before i changed computers I had a software that i could add multiple domains in and it would give me all sorts of different data on the domains, moz pa, da, pr, trust flow, citation flow domain age etc. it was a FREE tool but cannot remember the name of it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
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    Payday loans uk cleanup and crap user experience left by google

    So google have cleaned up the payday loan SERPS but what a load of shit they have left for people who actually want a payday loan, news sites and wikipedia they are handy if you need money fast to pay the bills. They haven improved the user experience what so ever, they have made it worse, i...
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    Reverse Engineering A Successful BlackHat Site 302 Redirect Question

    So I have been looking at 1 particular blackhat site that is ranking very high for some huge keywords (I WILL NOT NAME THIS SITE IN THE THREAD SO DON'T ASK) I have been compiling data to do with the way this site gets and maintains its rankings. It is clear that the site uses a lot of 302...
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    Any1 here from Spain?

    How much is 10 x 50 gr Amber Leaf in the local tobac in Spain?
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    404 Error after virus removal HELP

    Im having some trouble, all my websites on one hosting account got hacked and a virus installed, hostgator quickly removed them for me but no all my pages have a 404 error. The home page is fine but has a 404. I reinstalled Wordpress but it didnt work, Does anyone have...
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    Translate a webpage when logged into the site??

    Is it possible in any way to translate a website when you are logged in? I can translate the page before i log in but after log in i just get a error. I have tried with Google Translate and some Firefox plugins, also downloaded the site locally but no luck... Any Ideas?
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    Does anyone know what this wordpress widget is?

    Does anyone know what this wordpress translation widget is? I have had a good ratch for it and just can't find it It loos like this when its installed on your blog and it creates a diffrent page for each language /ro /pt etc Thanks in advance for any help..
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    Best software to download a website!!

    What is the best software to download a full website to PC for offline viewing without FTP access?
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    Best Article Spinning Services

    What is the best article spinning service to use? I don't mean a app like TBS i mean a actual service must be 75% unique and be 100 readable, sick of sitting spinning articles its driving me insane...
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    Best SEO Software You Can Train To Post

    What is the best SEO software that you are able to train to post to web 2.0's and article directories?
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    Torrent Leech Invites

    What is the best place to get a torrent leech invite now? I just spoke to support there and my account was deleted because i didn't log-in for 90 days, i was a paying member also, unreal....
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    Starting Business As Affiliate In UK

    Hi all I'm based in the UK and have been making some cash online as an affiliate marketer, what would be the best option for me starting a business? I would like a company name and the ability to do my own accounts. I need to get setup ASAP as i am already making money and would like it...
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    Facebook Marketing Forum

    Are there any forums dedicated to making cash on facebook? I remember back in the day there was for myspace marketers and it was a great forum!
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    Facebook Limits ???

    What are the friend request limits/24h on a normal Facebook account?
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    Facebook and my new business venture!

    Hi all I need some help with advertising on Facebook, i am starting a new business fixing computers in my local area and my main area of advertising is going to be Facebook but i have a few queries What is the best way to advertise a service like this? Just create a normal Facebook page or...