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  1. PChanger

    ★Instagram Email lead Scraping Services ★ Get Instagram Provided Public Email

    I use FollowLiker. Could I give you a csv of ~200,000 usernames or does it have to be a hashtag?
  2. PChanger

    Epic Instagram + FL Journey To SOMEWHERE EPIC!!!

    UPDATE: This thread has been dead for two years, but AYYOOOOO time for an update. So all my main Instagram accounts are still around. My biggest is at 60k and my other 8-ish are 40k-ish. BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE INSTAGRAM DOESN'T MAKE ME MONEY ANYWAY! Well technically I've made a bit. The NFL...
  3. PChanger

    My CPA + Insta Journey to $25 a Day

    Instagram is super difficult and takes a lot of work. I've grown TONS of accounts to 30k+ followers but have only managed to make literally $1 with OGads. I mostly just use it to grow profiles that point to other profiles that I'm trying to grow. Not to be discouraging or anything, but I went...
  4. PChanger

    Huge PayPal Negative Balance. HELP!

    Ouch... Yeah, I don't know how you can fix that. Plus, if you are a VA in the Philippines, that is a TON of money.
  5. PChanger

    The ultimate fb page growing plan without fb ads

    Interesting. I haven't messed with facebook much. Do you need to use proxies when logging into the 5x accounts you use to share to groups? How picky is facebook about that stuff? ~Luke
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    Pay Per Lead (PPL) Programs?

    Any non-dating/adult related?
  7. PChanger

    Pay Per Lead (PPL) Programs?

    Hey guys, What are some good PPL programs where you get paid when you drive free sign ups? I have a few that are working well and I am trying to find more. Also, I joined ShareASale, but after getting 4 sign ups for one of the offers (it was supposed to pay $3/sign up), my account was only...
  8. PChanger

    Follow Liker

    Follow the guide on how to back up your projects, then restart your computer. Should do it automatically. ;D
  9. PChanger

    How do you get rid of follow requests sent that haven't been answered?

    Not sure how to fix that, but set FL not to follow if you are following more than 2,500 people and keep your daily unfollow limit 50 above your daily follow limit. That way your 6700 Issue won't mess you up anymore and your account will look more profesh.
  10. PChanger

    FollowLiker Sending Very Few DMs?

    Sorry it's not working for you. Nobody helped me on this thread, so I had to go back to using I haven't been DMing with my new accounts much, but I have like 10x 1-3 year old accounts (10-30k followers each) that aren't having a problem on their system. Its pretty screwy though. Their...
  11. PChanger

    Good Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs?

    Also, ideally it'd be something that people will purchase and keep using for a while (like a Netflix, Spotify, web hosting, or proxy subscription)
  12. PChanger

    Ebay Dropshipping Automation Pricematik, PriceYak, SkuGrid/Hydra, Profit Scraper, WSG, DSD

    I sell pokemon cards on ebay and was trying to figure out how to list faster. If you sell anything like that where all items follow a similar format, consider getting help making a C++ program that will ask you questions about each item, then generate File Exchange CSV for them. That's what I...
  13. PChanger

    [METHOD] Autopilot Fast Affiliate Money on Instagram [$5-10/day]

    So I've been here for a while and I keep hearing about these alleged "links to email/zip submit offers that pays $1-2 per submit." I've never been able to find one. Am I just looking in all the wrong places or what? (I have 9x accounts over 20k on IG and like 20x over 5k) Could actually...
  14. PChanger

    Good Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs?

    Does anybody know of any good recurring commission affiliate programs? I'm trying to build up a good passive income and have gotten pretty good at referring people to subscription services and stuff. My only requirement is that they need to be recurring for the entire time the person is...
  15. PChanger

    [Searching] Youtube SEO expert

    I'm pretty good. Been doing YouTube for like 7 years. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. :) ~Luke
  16. PChanger

    How many accounts can you pva..

    Depends. I usually do 2 per number. Wouldn't recommend doing more than that.
  17. PChanger

    FollowLiker Sending Very Few DMs?

    True, FLC isn't perfect, shouldn't effect DM'ing new followers though, should it? and yeah, I'd definitely be interested in testing your bot. PM me :)
  18. PChanger

    FollowLiker Sending Very Few DMs?

    If nobody can help me with this I'm gonna have to switch back to using even though I own follow Liker. :/ Any ideas guys? I