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  1. viralspy

    Mass DM use case

    I keep seeing those mass DM services in the bhw marketplace. Since I have never personally used this type of service I was wondering if anyone here who have used it could share some insights about it. 1. What was your goal when you decided to send mass DMs? 2. What kind of profile or url did...
  2. viralspy

    Can I use a domain name as username in BHW?

    I manage another brand but the name of the brand is already used in BHW as a username. Sicne it's a website, I checked the username, with the .com addition the username is available. The question is: is it against the rules to use a domain name as a username in BHW? Thanks :)
  3. viralspy

    HAF | SEO Assistant

    Hello, I am looking for an assistant for SEO research tasks on an pay-per-hour basis. The work includes: 1. Keyword research for new articles (I provide the topics) 2. Keywords gap research for existing articles 3. Competitive backlinks opportunities research 4. Social listening opportunities...
  4. viralspy

    WTH | Build me a script for private Facebook/Linkedin groups monitoring

    Recently I started using social media monitoring tools. What they do is scan the world wide web and then alert me every time a keyword appears anywhere online. It helps me manage my own brand and also follow mentions of my competitors and terms related to my niche. The only problem with these...
  5. viralspy

    Increase post reach using multiple Facebook accounts

    The idea is to get 10-20 stealth Facebook accounts and join with all of them 5-10 of the top groups in my niche. Then, use one of the accounts to start a conversation and the rest to reply to it. For example: User 1: Hi which brand is better [me] or [competitor]? User 2: I use [me] and...
  6. viralspy

    List of fundamental backlinks - where to find?

    I was talking to an SEO agency that said they have a list of 200 fundamental backlinks they use for every domain they work on (and they add and remove links from it) It made me wonder - is there any such public list someone in the community created?
  7. viralspy

    Backlink from Bloomberg - anyone ever got one?

    So Bloomberg is listing companies and build them business profiles. But these are either public companies or private companies who raised debt from public sources. I tried to write them about a business page for my tiny company, but it's not anywhere close to be eligible. Anyone familiar with...
  8. viralspy

    Long-term content writer for social media marketing software

    Niche: social media marketing About: viralspy is a software for Instagram competitive research. The company recently "changed hands" and has new SEO focused management (that's me) While we're working on a V2 of the app we also look for a content creator, someone with knowledge in digital...
  9. viralspy

    Find kwds per article in GSC

    I know how to find which keywords my domain ranks for in GSC and it even shows the trend which is awesome. But how do I know which kwds a specific page ranks for using GSC?
  10. viralspy

    How do I know when my account is 60 days old?

    So I am working hard on bringing value, learning and asking questions (I love this community I've learned so much in such a short time!) and soon I'll be eligible for JR VIP status due to reaching 100 posts. But there is a rule that says I must be on BHW for 60 days straight, and I'm not sure...
  11. viralspy

    Inner linking optimization: GSC or SEMRush/Ahrefs?

    For your own domain, do you use GSC to find inner linking improvement opportunities or do you use external solutions like ahrefs and SEM Rush? I talk about the process of finding pages with a lot of external backlinks and then use them for inner linking opportunities. My SEO manager like using...
  12. viralspy

    Emails of eBay sellers by their ID (for lead gen)

    Is there a way to scrape emails of eBay sellers using their seller ID? Or services where you can buy such lists?
  13. viralspy

    Link building vs. Social signals

    I have a budget of $500/m for black hat SEO for my money site to which I write original high quality content (DA 30), if you had that budget how would you spend it? I thought $350 on link buying (guest posts and niche edits) $100 on social signaling $50 on blog commenting What would you do...
  14. viralspy

    Help! Should I change this domain name?

    Hello, Recently I purchased the domain, the purpose of the acquisition was to rebuild the dormant software brand under a new management. I myself, personally, like .io and .com domains and I am "afraid" that .co would look bad in the long term in terms of brand building. For that...
  15. viralspy

    I don't see any signatures

    Hi everyone, I can't seem to see signatures of other users under their posts. Is that something that BHW changed, not showing signatures anymore? Or maybe it's my own settings?
  16. viralspy

    Question about becoming a Jr. VIP

    So the terms says you need 60 days and 100 posts. Does 100 posts include every posting I do, new threads and comments a like or is a post only the brand new thread created by me? Thanks for the clarification
  17. viralspy

    "I have a dream" Martin Luther King's 2021 revival

    Take a look at the this graph of the search interest in Martin Luther King in the past week or so What caused this search term to DOUBLE it's popularity? Let's see who knows I'll give you hints :) 1. The demographics of the growth is mostly of young people, let's say the peak is of teenagers at...
  18. viralspy

    TikTok & Shopify announce a collaboration

    Shopify released an official announcement of their collaboration with TikTok. Products from Shopify store could be promoted on TikTok so that in the end the checkout button will lead to the checkout process in Shopify, which will process the payments and which is where the sellers will handle...
  19. viralspy

    Free backlinks

    A few years ago I found a pdf guide on generating 100 free high DA backlinks by creating profiles in different websites. I have around like 5-6 guides here in BHW but I wonder if there is anywhere a guide that summarize all of these opportunities. If not, please share any method you know of :)
  20. viralspy

    How often do you follow competitors on IG? (for theme accounts)

    I know that Jarvee offers the repost automation, but that's good for child accounts (if you don't know what that is read the pinned guide in this forum). For your main ("mother") account you want to create either unique content or at least do a high quality selection of what to repost. How...