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  1. tsanko

    Adult .asia domain question with 800k+ exact searches

    Hello, I`m new to domain name selling and has a little question about prices. I own new adult .asia domain name with 800+k exact searches per month. I didn`t work on it so it`s absolutely new, without any backlinks or serp positions. All other tlds are taken. How much can I get for this domain?
  2. tsanko

    Happy Birthday Georgebg

    Happy birthday Georgebg, wishing you all the best! :)
  3. tsanko

    Google has a glitch?

    I just read this article in SeoBook and want to share it with you
  4. tsanko

    [GET] Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned From Google

    "Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned From Google" by Aaron Goldman McGraw-Hill; 1 edition|2010| ISBN: 0071742891|English|341 pages|PDF| In Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google, digital marketing guru Aaron Goldman shares 20 lessons from the world?s most...
  5. tsanko

    Is BHW the most influential forum?

    Hello all. There is a contest for the Most Influential People online in Central and Eastern Europe. I`m one of the participants and want to ask you for a help. As a society here we must help each otcher. We know that BHW is one of the most influential forum in the world. You can help me prove...
  6. tsanko

    Forex forum

    I see some good Forex shares here. Why don`t you make forex section here? Or maybe Sub-forum in Making Money section :) This is one of the best investing methods :eek:
  7. tsanko

    Search for a good usb sticks wholesale

    I search for a good usb stick wholesale. I found a lot wholesellers in Alibaba but don`t trust them :) Can you recommend me someone?
  8. tsanko

    Google Wave Invites

    I`ll give for free 4 Google wave invites to forum members who has 200+ posts. :)
  9. tsanko

    Program to send one message to more than one group members

    I have about 50 groups with few than 5k members. It will be hard to send messages to all members in each group manual. Is there program that can manage my groups and send mass messages to members of each group?
  10. tsanko

    What to sell with YouTube video?

    I have a video with 1100000 views, a lot of comments, ratings and favs. And everything is 100% REAL! I put a link to parked on AdSense website in description and earn about $10 a day but think it`s too small amount. Can I make more? The video has about 100k views a day. It`s published on...
  11. tsanko

    Digg friends question

    I made a little and simple Digg Friend Adder. How many friends I can add per day?
  12. tsanko

    [Free] 150+ Free Social Bookmarks

    I test new system so I`ll give FREE 150+ bookmarks to first 10 people who reply this post. What I need from you: - URL to post or page (not main url!) - tags (2 - 5 keywords) - title / description - Email (to send the report) What you get: - minimum 150 bookmarks Requirements: -...
  13. tsanko

    StumbleUpon stars and traffic

    I have some questions about stumbleupon. How to get stars on my shares? I use stumbleudon for stumbling and receive 10-15 stumbles in 20 minutes, but get only 9-10 visits for a day:( I try someone else to discover my URL with 40 stumbles, but i has only 15 visits from this. How to get stars and...
  14. tsanko

    Earn $15 per 1000 downloads

    We pay money per download + share of premium accounts sold via your files You can earn up to $15 for 1000 unique downloads! Anyone can participate in our affiliate program. All you have to do is upload file(s) and put the link on your own forum, blog or any other forums or blogs which are not...
  15. tsanko

    What do you think about offline MLM marketing?

    Today I start with one very good International offline MLM program. What do you think about this business?
  16. tsanko

    PHPBB Auto forum poster

    Does anyone try PHPBB Auto forum poster? I found it here and looks interesting.
  17. tsanko

    How much will cost me P2P program

    I want outsource my own P2P. How much it`ll cost and what price range to post in freelance job site? Is there any program that i can buy and brand?
  18. tsanko

    Let`s make BHW Skype channel

    Who wants to join in BHW skype channel?
  19. tsanko

    Review my link and I`ll review yours

    Review my site and post your to review it. If you want you can review more link from this thread and post something like "I reviewed tsanko`s , xxxx`s and xxx`s links" and we will review yours :) My link is: Thanks in advance!
  20. tsanko

    Proxy site hosting

    Hello guys. I think to start a proxy site (only one for now) and i need good and cheap proxy hosting. I host my another sites in Germany, so i need hosting only for this proxy site. How much bandwidth does it need? I expect 1500-2000 visitors per day for now. Thanks a lot for the answers!