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  1. tulip0831

    Looking for someone who can audit an on-site, technical.

    Hello, BHW Family. Looking for someone who can do audit an on-site and technical both competitor's and my website. Before link-building, need an advice for the right plan to rank, compared to competitors. - Sorry for just a standard report, meta data. Thanks.
  2. tulip0831

    GSC Issue with a Auction domain - Help?

    Hello, BHW family. I currently purchased the auction domain and used it as a money-site for 3 weeks. There is no spam and it looks clean. A domain purchased from a trusted BHW member. Since the purchased domain was built directly into Money-site. the contents of the previous site were not...
  3. tulip0831

    Hello, BHW

    Hello, i'm really excited to be here on BHW. thank you. :)