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  1. whitehatceo64

    [ Fiverr Review ]

    Fiverr review Needed urgently. Expecting your PM please.
  2. whitehatceo64

    [VCC] Facebook

    Hello, are there still VCCs that work with Facebook? More details will be required please.
  3. whitehatceo64


    Hello folks, Fiverr Reviews wanted, "I can deliver" should PM me asap.
  4. whitehatceo64


    Hello dear fellows, am really happy and agog you guys have made it this far to be here, please I need to know why for about a month now, my dreams have been occupied by JavaScript codes. Like seriously it has been difficult closing my eyes without toggling On and Off in my dreams. Does it happen...
  5. whitehatceo64

    [How I See It]

    A happy week Fellows. Am really sorry about this opinion, but am beginning to feel the Linux OS slows down progress. Haven't really used the Linux environment a week without either surfing online or trying to switch to another operating environment. But yet users down there keep saying all...
  6. whitehatceo64


    Hi everyone :), what a large fellowship of IMs we've got here. Really happy to be here. BHW must be a place to spend some time with persistent cups of coffee. Ah..., has anyone tried to be speculative about the Jet age, lets say..., a 100 years from now? Well, I think it is really going to be an...