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  1. 99lives

    Majestic is indexing my PBNs, even when I disallow the bot via robots.txt

    I use ahrefs, not majestic. But today I was checking it and I saw ALL my PBNs links, even tho I disallow MJ12bot in the robots.txt. Ahrefs respects it, Semrush respects it, but Majestic does not.
  2. 99lives

    [Looking for] an old guide about a GMB system

    I deleted it! It's an old, old system posted by a reputable BHW member that included a script and it did this to improve GMB with real reviews: 1. You give a link to the client asking for feedback 2. When the client clicks it, it gets asked if he's happy or not 3. If not, he is redirected to a...
  3. 99lives

    How to monitor GMB entries?

    I currently use HTML change monitors. It works great, but as I scale my business, I'm feeling I need a most robust, specially build for that solution. Any suggestions? I'm not looking for something very expensive as I don't have a lot of clients, this is not my most profitable service.
  4. 99lives

    Best brand/kw monitoring tools?

    I've been using Google Alerts for my ORM clients, but it's far from good: a page could be indexed and it will send the alert 1-2 days after. What other paid alternatives can you recommend? I tried Buzzsumo a few years ago, a lot of unrelated alerts and the price is pretty steep ($100/month for...
  5. 99lives

    better monitoring tool than Google Alerts?

    I monitor my client's names/brands with Google alerts, but sometimes I get the notification with a 2-3 days delay (sometimes, google doesn't even send one). I know there are a lot of paid monitoring tools. Any recommendations?
  6. 99lives

    Real risks of using copyrighted images?

    We manage a lot of pbn sites and freepic and other ultra-cheap image banks just don't cut it, they make the content look generic. I've found some "all you can eat buffet" BH services that get you high res, no watermark pictures from almost every image bank, pretty cheap. How risky is to use...
  7. 99lives

    How to manage outreach emails

    We do manual outreach (guest posting, PR, etc) to a small database. Currently we just use email. We don't need to do follow up, cause this are not sales, but we do need to send them to 20-30 email addresses (depending on content's the topic) and would like them to be personalized: "Hi...
  8. 99lives

    What free Analytics plugins/services can I use for my PBN?

    I need to measure the traffic of some sites of my PBN, but I don'w wanna use GA for obvious reasons. Any recommendations?
  9. 99lives

    Recomended ad network for gambling?

    I need to run a campaign for a casino. What networks can you recommend? It also has to be geo-targeted.
  10. 99lives

    Something cheaper than ahrefs to monitor website's health?

    I need to monitor my clients' websites, to make sure they don't make changes (break links, change the titles, etc) that screw the on page work we've done. Any suggestions? Hexometer looks cool, but for $40/month you only get 5 sites.
  11. 99lives

    Any good "digital agency" course you recommend?

    I'm planning on expanding my small SEO and ORM agency. I'm sure a course could help me, cause I'm lacking structure and a plan. I don't like those "5.000 videos + 45 PDFs" courses (totally unnecessary) made by good sellers, not guys/gals with experience building and running an agency. Any...
  12. 99lives

    What a good "digital agency" course?

    I'm planning on growing my small SEO and ORM agency. I'm sure a course could help me, but I'm not interested in 5.000 videos + 45 PDFs courses (ytotally unnecessary). Any recommendations?
  13. 99lives

    List of crawlers to block on PBNs

    I hide some of my PBN by blocking crawlers from ahrefs and similar services through robots.txt. Usually this list: User-agent: AhrefsBot User-agent: Alexibot User-agent: BlackWidow User-agent: BLEXBot User-agent: dotbot User-agent: Jetbot User-agent: MJ12bot User-agent: Nutch User-agent...
  14. 99lives

    [WTH] Media Outreach/PR agency

    Budget: $1.000-$1.500 monthy Looking for long-term business relationship. No PRnewswire/PBN kinda shit. Real news/articles on legit, brand recognized media.
  15. 99lives

    Adding ads to PBNs to make them look legit

    I have some PBN sites and they look legit, but they don't have ads and that's a red flag, not for Google, but for humans. What's a good way of adding ads to them? I can not use one account for all of them (footprint).
  16. 99lives

    Monitoring and reporting

    I've been using Serpbook (rebranded now) for my SEO compaigns: it reports very accurate results and has outstanding support. But for ORM, nope, We just export the data and manually report to our clientes. We also have to use creative ways of tagging and sub-projecting to keep track...
  17. 99lives

    GMB: different company, same address, phone and category

    A cliente opened his business in a location that was previously owned by a different company. He kept the phone number and bought the domain and redirected it to his website. Not (of course), when you google my client's company's name, the first GMB result is the previous company, with the same...
  18. 99lives

    What VCC provider do you use for ahrefs trial?

    I've been using a local provider, very good, works amazing... but they've anounced that they've limited the max amount of virtual credit cards you can create to 8. Not in a month or a year, 8 in a lifetime. Can you suggest a good vcc provider? I only need it for ahrefs. Thanks!
  19. 99lives

    ahrefs Legacy Plan

    Ahrefs Advanced plan (currently $399) used to be their Standar Plan (currently $179). So some people have the $400 plan for $180. Now that I'm planning on getting my own ahrefs plan, I'm frustrated I didn't do it while is was cheaper.
  20. 99lives

    Looking for Google Ads Cloaking Expert

    I've runned cloaked ads (good site, old account, great cloaking service provider) but had some issues and my account got banned. I'm looking for an experienced provider to setup a campaign, from scratch. DM is you're experienced and can actually deliver.