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  1. lutakno1

    Woocomerce theme similar to Debutify

    Does anyone know any woo theme similar to Debutify(Shopify theme)? I have tried Flatsome, its ok. If so please share some with me. Thanks
  2. lutakno1

    HTML or plain text cold emails?

    Let's say I want to cold email business owners and offer them social media marketing services. If I go with gsuite I can send plain-text emails but if I want to use something like Sendy or Mautic I have to use html emails. Which one do you think would get me more replies?
  3. lutakno1

    Question about Mautic & Sendy

    Hey guys, I just have one simple question. Does anyone know how to send just simple plain text emails with those two softwares? I have mautic installed and from what I understand, tried and read so far it's kinda possible since receipients/devices who support html will get that one and the other...
  4. lutakno1

    I need help with Scrapebox

    Hello, maybe someone here can help me before I ask Scrapebox support. I just need following columns from websites I want to scrape: url, title, email. Thats it. But it seems to me that I can only use email grabber + I need to rerun the scrapebox and scrape metadata. Is there any way I can do...
  5. lutakno1

    Instagram dm automation

    Hi, Whats the best online tool for dm's automation.I just want to use this to send automated dm's.Only one account, just dm's.Since its just dm's i want to know if its safe comparing to using other bots with autoliking,following and other.
  6. lutakno1

    Linkedin course needed

    Hi, Can anyone recommed me good linkedin course about lead generation, what to write in connect proposal,what to do to engage with potential lead, how not to appear to salesy, etc. ?
  7. lutakno1

    Help needed with google search operators

    Hi guys, I will explain you exactly what i want.Lets say i want to use google operator to find some random gmail addresses of gyms owners in Texas.Query would me something like this: gym "texas" But this gives me only gmail address and i want business adresses also. So is there...
  8. lutakno1

    Any good email collecting extensions?

    I have used atomic email hunter extension before but i think they removed it.Anyone knows a good extension that can collect email from any page i visit?
  9. lutakno1

    Best CPA Network for New Zealand

    Hi guys, Does anyone now some good cpa network with good offers for New Zealand? Thanks
  10. lutakno1

    FB pixel issu

    Hi, Im using instabuilder 2.0 on wp site.Running different cpa offers.I want to be able to create custom audiences for more niches.I can install more pixels on my site but page views will be triggered for all pixels at the same time.Is there any way that events are triggered separately for...
  11. lutakno1

    Problem with CPA

    Hi, Im currently trying out fb ads + cpa.I really dont like the idea of sending traffic first to my landing page and after that to the offer.I want to use some redirection plugin to send them directly at the offer and i am asking you if there is gonna be any problems with either fb of affiliate...
  12. lutakno1

    CPA Question

    Hi guys, I new to cpa and one thing i dont understand very well so can please someone more experienced clarify this for me.How important conversion rate really is ? I saw many yt videos where guys explain their way of selecting good cpa offers based on coversion rate.They always go for good...
  13. lutakno1

    CPAgrip problem

    HI guys, I have one question.Last 2 weeks i have been learning fb ads and i want to try it with cpagrip offers.Eventually if everything goes well i will try maxbounty and peerly maybe. I understand the funnel : ads->landing page ->offers(although some people use additional prelander in between)...
  14. lutakno1

    Youtube problem

    Hi guys, I want to know if there is any way of finding out if some video I have is already uploaded to youtube. Lets say I ripped some video from somewhere. Any advices?
  15. lutakno1

    How to find popular apps ?

    Hello, Can someone suggest some good ways to search for upcoming/popular apps worldwide or by country?
  16. lutakno1

    CPA Content locking problem

    Hi guys, I was hoping someone can help me with my problem.I tried using cpagrip and ogads content lockers. I wanted to trigger locker on onclick event.Its working perfectly on desktop but not working at all on mobile devices.When picture or button with onclick event in them is clicked , nothing...
  17. lutakno1

    CPA + Email marketing PROBLEM

    Hi guys, Recently i decided to go for cpa+email marketing.I made few landing pages on subdomains.I scraped tens of thousands emails with scrapebox and same with atomic email hunter.I bought 2 domains and 2 gsuite acounts for testing.What i wanted to do was bulk mailing my cpa offers in emails.I...
  18. lutakno1

    I need help with AWS Free tier

    Can anyone give me some advice with aws free services.I want to use their SES for email marketing and i learned a litlle bit so far but now i have phone verifications problem.I read somewhere that i should probably find US number and then google voice number.Im currently waiting their support...
  19. lutakno1

    Automatic blog commenting software for linkbuilding?

    Can anyone help me with this?
  20. lutakno1

    Port 25 problem

    Today i called my isp and they said they cant ublock my port 25.That means i cannot use my email verifier since it needs port 25 to work and only port 25.What are my alternatives?What should i do?