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    Domain Copyright Issues

    How do you guys deal with Domain Copyright Issues? It seems like if you're setting up websites to deal with a certain niche topic, the topic is bound to contain a company name which would be highly beneficial to put in the domain you're getting, however if the company finds out what happens?
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    IRC Anyone?

    Does anyone here get on IRC, what network & is there a channel similar to this forum? Thx
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    Traffic Detected by ISP

    Could I get kicked off of my ISP for using SEO Nuke or XRumer on my connection? Has anyone ever gotten a call from your ISP saying they saw craploads of connections spewing out of your box?
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    .info Forums

    Is opening a lot of .info forums up a good way to get page impressions or does wordpress work better for getting impressions? Any other software that can be recommended preferably PHP?
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    google decreasing impressions

    Yesterday I was doing a bunch of work on my sites that I just opened and I got my page impressions up to 97 (I am new at adsense obviously). Today I went to check them and it only says I have 15 from yesterday. Does anyone else get their impressions decreased by google? Do they run a script...