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    Fastest way to make a good looking website

    I'm making a website to advertise digital marketing services, but I'm interested in the best resources for making a passable website quickly. Are there templates out there or services with pre-made sites that you can just tweak subtly? If not, I'll just use squarespace and drag and drop from...
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    Best way to cold email businesses

    I’m starting a B2B service and my thought was to pay a VA to scrape 1,000 businesses in a niche from a zip code in Google Maps (I could do it but don’t want to take the time). Anyhow, I was going to cold email them a drip campaign. What is the best service/method to make sure they reach their...
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    Hi everyone! Looking to grow an email newsletter audience

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, but not to digital marketing and email marketing as I've worked for several years in agencies and in-house. I've got a newsletter that I send out weekly and my goal is to grow and monetize it as quickly as possible, but for now I'm in the very early stages...
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    What’s the most money anyone here has made?

    I want to hear some BHW success stories. What’s the most money you’ve made and in what period? How did you do it?
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    Anyone have experience with buying email lists?

    I want to buy an email list and then send emails from another domain to opt into my actual domain's email newsletter, so I maintain my main domain's reputation and only email truly opted in contacts. Anyone have experience doing this? Is this is a bad idea for any reason?
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    How to Get Email Newsletter Subscribers

    I run a financial newsletter, in a specific financial niche, and I'm looking to grow as fast as possible. I worked in email marketing so I recognize that you can't just buy and cold-email 100,000 addresses, however I'd love some advice on the best way to grow quickly. - Is it by buying an email...