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    Scrap Facebook Friend ID

    Hello, i´m searching a tool / addon / Script which that i can scrap the ID´s or Username of all my Friends in my Friendlist. To this i´m using Toolkit for Facebook, but that free Software doesn´t work anymore. Does anyone have a idea ? I have some Accounts with 5000 friends
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    Become Admin of unactive Facebook-Fanpages / Contact Admins

    Hello, is there any chance to become a Admin of unactive Facebook-Fanpages. There are so many pages, where is not posting for years. Is there any chance to come in contact with the Admins. I´ve i send them a message no answer. i think the admins don´t read the messages anymore or the pages...
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    Using / Farming Facebook Fake Accounts

    Yes, it´s a joke. One of friends has create a new (real, first) facebook account. They want 15 friends (real life friends) and gets blocked next to 5th add and then the selfieverification isn´t working. account goes away. facebook is sh*t
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    Are you still able to scrape Facebook emails from groups?

    You can still scrape data from facebook groups with a software 15 $ / month. but what do you want with the facebook email. As far as I am aware, you can not do more with facebook emailadresses because they no longer work. or i´m wrong ?
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    [Q] Bot?

    Scrap is possible, private message, too. but how do you want to invite them to other groups. i think you must be friends with the scraped person to invite them to the other groups. for adding and private message you need very stabile accounts
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    Using / Farming Facebook Fake Accounts

    Nobody here with working fake accounts ? i need the accounts only for germany. maybe we can work together ? i have automated software, many id´s of facebook user ( can get more id´s of every country), groups. i have a idea to making money. adding as much people as possible and then migrate the...
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    Using / Farming Facebook Fake Accounts

    Okay, but how can i build up a cookie profile and how can i set this everytime again to the accounts, if i change the accounts
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    Using / Farming Facebook Fake Accounts

    Okay, but why build up a cookie profile. So many people delete their cookie to the end of any browser session. if facebook will block all this accounts, then facebook will not have much user in future ;-)
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    Using / Farming Facebook Fake Accounts

    No, the accounts haven´t got a picture right now
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    Using / Farming Facebook Fake Accounts

    Okay, thank you. i will try this at first. about the current city -> geo location of proxy. if you login with your mobile phone you sometimes get a ip located of city1, sometimes of city2 and sometimes of city3. often the geo location is not at the same place. so is it really important to set...
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    Using / Farming Facebook Fake Accounts

    Hi, can anyone tell me how i can use facebook fake accounts and when i can add friends till yet i´m trying this: Every Account private proxy Till now i´m logging in for 7 days one time per day, like 2 posts and doing nothing other. if i now want to add some friends i get blocked next to only...
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    Monetize my facebook pages

    Hello, from which country are the persons who liked the fanpages ?
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    Facebook Watch Party / Video views

    Hello, i have a fanpage with many videos and i have many accounts i want to make watch partys. Are the views of the watch party assigned to original video that i upload on my fanpage. Anyone knowing that ?
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    9-years Real Facebook account got disable

    Facebook is a lottery by photo verification. There are using a automatic software that don´t work. I have many many accounts. my experiences are. I have female accounts. If you upload a photo that´s similar with the profile picture then somtimes facebook accept this, sometimes not. now the best...
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    Facebook Video Insights not showing

    Hello, i have a fanpage. To yesterday the insights of video showing without any problems. since yesterday the insights for the videos are showing to me. here i can show if i´m eligable to add breaks. is everyone have the same problem, or you can see your insights ?
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    ELIGIBILITY FOR AD BREAKS / Video Crossposting oder sharing

    Hello, i have many Facebook-Pages and now i want to push one of these Sites, so that i get 30.000 one minute views. Now i have two options to to make my videos viral 1. I upload a video to my main fanpage and share the video to my other sites. that is working and the views are credited to my...
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    Your Account Has Been Disabled

    The problem is. You can´t make a objection to facebook. If i try it with the formular of facebook, then facebook tells me, that the emailadress is not of a banned account. But i can´t login. so many things are not working on facebook. they don´t accept my selfies. i don´t know what they do
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    Your Account Has Been Disabled

    Ah sorry, i become this message at my facebook-account not here hat bhw
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    Facebook selfie security step

    For me, No time this verification working. that´s the biggest shit ever. Then they disabled your account. then you should send a photo of your id. the newest thing. you have to send a picture where your face and your id card (with picture) are shown. You must send a selfie where you and your id...
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    Your Account Has Been Disabled

    Your Account Has Been Disabled For more information, or if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please visit the Help Center. Does anyone have this message before. I see it the first time about 3 days. There is a button "Download Your Information" but that isn´t working