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    SMTP providers.

    I have a question regarding a "bump" I keep coming into. I have a cold email list, 200k big. I know what I need to send it and inbox. One of the things I need is an SMTP provider. The thing is, most of them keep saying "we dont allow" bulk/cold email lists BUT clearly I know people DO send...
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    Confused about mailing.

    Say I want to offer mailing services to others. Do I get a new domain, new smpt, new ip and new website for each client?
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    Domain warmup and Amazon SES.

    Hey guys, I got few questions: 1. How do I warmup a domain? Use warmup service and send 10-20-50... progression myself? Can I use 2 warmup services for better effect? 2. Is it better to use my own domain on generic SMTP hosting or my own domain on Amazon SES? Do I buy dedicated IP from Amazon?
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    How to cold email 200 000 emails?

    As far as I understand it, the best way to cold email that amount is to: 1. Get a domain, set up an email on that domain. 2. Link it to paid Gsuite account. Or do I use Gmass altogether? How does Gmonster fit into this? 3. Warmup the email account via incremantal numbers. 4. Use a warmup...