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    How to earn money online , whitehat ?

    Hi , Which are the best whitehat methods to earn money online. I can earn money by using PPD but only using fake niches such as generators etc.. and i don't want to scam people anymore so i need new ways of making money online. Could you guys please list a few ways of earning online for...
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    Youtube Problem !

    I have this problem , everytime i log in to my account i get directly to and i can't go to my channel or video or anything. My videos are left but i don't know why i have this problem. when i press my channel i get redirected to also when i press videos...
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    Which Hosting is best for PPD stuff ?

    So i use PPD and i upload stuff like game cracks, hacks etc.. and i was wondering which host is BEST for PPD content ?
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    Best Hosting + Domain ?

    What is the best place to buy domain and hosting ? i have heared that namecheap are good for domains and hosting i really don't know any good hostings :/ Which is best hostwinds , bluehost or hostgator ? i haven't heared about more...
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    I have 60 $ What to invest into ?

    I have 60 $ in my PP and i'm doing PPD and i was wondering what should i invest into ? Should i buy , Domains, Youtube PVA accounts or Scrapebox or what ? :)
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    one page Blogger

    Does someone have a one page blogger xml ? I need it for Blogspot and i want only one page ( landing page ) can someone please give me one or link me to where i can get one.
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    Views , Likes and Comments Youtube ?

    Which is the best site for getting Views ? Vagex doesn't work for me anymore so any suggestions :) And which site is best for Likes and comments ?
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    How to rank youtube videos ?

    How do i rank my videos on first page on youtube ?
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    PPD or CPA ?

    Which one do you use PPD or CPA ? And which one do you think is best ? Also can someone please tell me more how CPA works ? Iam using PPD atm and i don't know if i should move over to CPA instead... :D