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    Need to rank a video

    Lmk if you can rank videos
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    How to do music verification?

    Is there any site where I can buy verification badge???
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    IP/Device Ban

    None of my accounts are getting views and I've narrowed it down to it being my IP/Device. How can I get passed this? Buy a new phone?
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    TikTok Device Ban

    I just got device shadow banned. Is there any way to get pass this instead of having to buy a new phone?
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    Where can I buy aged TikTok accounts?

    I need some aged US TikTok accounts. Any good websites out there?
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    Account banned for CPA?

    I had no previous videos taken down and all of my videos had over 20k. I posted a Fortnite video and it blew up, next thing you know my account got banned. I tried making other accounts but all the videos I posted on them got put under review. Will a proxy help?
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    How do I do bot comments like these?