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    Need a talented webcoder and designer for a website/webstore, please no cheap work.

    I need a web designer for a website, I can give more details of what I want if you PM me, but I just want to make it clear immediately that I do not want any cheap work. I want clean and tight coding, easy communication and fast turnaround. I am willing to paid good money for this site, because...
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    Need talented web designer/coder for a custom wordpress theme

    I have a website I need created, I have the site created in PSD form for visual reference, I just need someone that can design and code it for web use. The site isn't too complicated, but it's not a job for novices. It may require building the theme from the ground up. If you think you can do...
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    In need of a very skilled web designer/coder.

    I have a project that I'm working on and I need a coder and designer to help build the site. There is a specific site on the web that I want the site to draw inspiration from and I need someone who can recreate certain aspects of the site with either Flash or HTML5. I'm ready to put a lot of...
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    Wordpress Theme Modification

    Simple Modification of the Wordpress Fullscreen theme, I simply want the theme modified so I can put a image for the header title/logo instead of only text. Please only step forward if you know what to how and what you're doing. I'll gladly pay up to a hundred for a good job on this. I'll pay...
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    High End 1:1 Streetwear Replicas

    Does anybody have a connect or supplier for 1:1 replicas of popular brands like Stussy, BAPE, Neighborhood, Supreme, BBC. I've just recently discovered that these 1:1 replicas exist, but the problem is I've only found Malaysian's reselling them after getting them from China and none of them are...
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    I want this domain bad

    I have a domain that I desperately want, I check the Whois and it is own by a pretty big black hat SEO company/figure. They are parking on the domain for SEO purposes and I contacted them to see if I could make a deal to get the domain. They responded that they wanted a high five figure payment...
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    When deciding on a domain name?

    What is more important? Making sure that your keywords are in the title of the web site or that the name is a memorable concise name? I'm thinking that stuffing the domain name with the keyword would be more important for black hat SEO, but for White Hat making sure the name is memorable would...
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    My first domain, what to do?

    Okay, I have officially purchased my first domain. The name is "", I have an idea to make a Google Android News and Support Website/Community. But I'm not sure how long that would take. Do you think my domain is worth anything?
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    I'm looking for any U.S. based dropshipper.

    I don't care what you sell, I'm just looking for a dropshipper that actually has their product here in the U.S. rather than offshore. If this applies to you please PM