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    What kind of tools you need?

    What do you use as a progeammpro language? Python?
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    What kind of tools you need?

    Auto Shop Builder Analyze audience Find interests have connector to various sites like alliexpress find items in store based on tags and match to interests and create list in Aliexpress for me to review and push to my store.
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    What kind of tools you need?

    Auto Engagement Tool Analyze my ( or any) audience interests find shareable content with high engagement from any source add to scheduled post
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    Social Media Fan Page Interest Evaluator/scraper

    I am wanting a tool that can scan the interests of any (admin or not) fan page followers. Interests as far as pages they like, or listed interests in books/movies/or other interests on their profile, etc. I don't want names/emails or anything like that. I just want the interests. Is there...
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    Fake Traffic? Help...

    Reviews are hard to judge unless they specifically stated that the traffic converted. Even then, those reviews could have been purchased as well. Some people want fake traffic for the slight temporary bump in signaling to Google that they have a relevant site.
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    Fake Traffic? Help...

    It could be real people but non targeted people, or could be real people in a spammy way like pop under traffic or expired domain traffic that he is reselling which basically never converts and is super cheap but technically are real people. Could have also been a click farm ran by real people...
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    Certification and career focused PLR or White Label solutions

    I am wanting to create a website that trains people for careers and/or to take industry required certifications. Does anyone know of a PLR or White label solution that has these training courses? I am open to high paying affiliate programs too. Most seem to only be offering 1-300 for a classes...
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    ecommerce site

    I am considering opening a niche multi vendor e commerce site. Ideas are nice and all but i am wanting to hear from people with ecommerce sites. What should i be doing in preparation for this undertaking as far as actually running the site? I am not talking about marketing or anything, i mean...
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    [Quora Method] Earning from quora in a smart way.

    I've done this. I got a few hits but no sales. After a few times i noticed the same number of hits but the link and comment always stayed up even with just a simple comment like I use this and have no problem . Then i read somewhere that quora redirects affiliate links to...
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    Email Creation For Mass Accounts

    Buy a domain and get some cheap hosting with free unlimited email accounts. Then you just make a name and password for each and then you also have full control of them on one easy dashboard.
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    Is there a free alternative to the mentioned site? Or free ripped off version...
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    High Quality Facebook Pages For Sale!

    Please send list, I am looking for career/lifecoach type of groups. If you don't have any how much to make me one like the ones you have made?
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    Scraping FB Groups for Phone Numbers

    This has the option. Weather it works or not idk.
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    How can I get more views to my Facebook business page?

    Assuming you want to monetize at some point. Aren't those countries also the ones least likely to purchase anything? Its like equivalent to buying fake friends from what i have always read. But i could be wrong. anyone have any good experience with getting engagement and money from these areas?
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    I am drooling over this domain

    I would, but of course i only have a partial domain. Not sure where it is listed for real since i can't do a whois or anything with a partial. i found out it is hosted at godaddy but i am not seeing it listed for auction but is apparently available to purchase according to the listing. I still...
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    I am drooling over this domain

    Sorry i forgot to include that this is an expiring domain or already expired domain.
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    I am drooling over this domain

    Ok so i have found a domain from a 3rd party. I love the domain, but i don't want to pay the marked up price since its hefty. How do i find this domain to possibly buy it cheaper? My name says it all, so if you know of a free or cheap tool that will do it, or a manual way to find it let me know.
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    Enrich Your Brand Value With HighTechOcean Content Writing Services ($3.50 Per 500 Words)

    could someone send me a copy as well. I'd really like to see how good they articles are.