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  1. jovica888

    Any streaming websites that pays?

    I need something like putlocker alternative... Actually, I need a website that will pay me to upload movies. I want to start - watch movies online website and I want to earn money embedding player codes on my website and earn money buy 1000 views - something like this. I will have 1000mb...
  2. jovica888

    Make money with internet connection

    In a few days I will get new internet access line and my ISP offers 1GB/s download and 400MB upload. What I can do with that connection? I remember some affiliate programs where you can install application on your PC and when you are inactive it is using your internet speed or maybe I can...
  3. jovica888

    Highest POPUP CPM at the moment?

    So I need to put some popups on my website so I want to check which one is paying best these days. I saw propeller ads they look OK..... What do you think? I will need 4 different companies
  4. jovica888

    Making money with URL shortener script

    I saw this script And I saw that many websites use this script. It seams to be very secure and has a ReCaptcha so I think the bots will be blocked - right??? So my question is can I achieve a positive ROI on this one and...
  5. jovica888

    Looking for a real job

    Hello. I am looking for a real job - like appointment setter for Real Estate agents for warehouses for dentists... call center agent or something like that. I have 2 years of experience working as a freight dispatcher. Have fiber optic internet, VoIP phone, PC everything...
  6. jovica888

    How to Choose a Domain Name for Flipping

    So I made something like a bot that searches for available domains - I search only .com .org and .net I am new to domain flipping - I sold some websites at Flippa but never domains So when I find available domain what is the important thing to search... I found some domains with those stats...
  7. jovica888

    Pre-recorder messages service

    Can anyone recommend me some service or something where I can record like 30 seconds Voice Mail and then add a list of phone numbers and then service will call the numbers from the list and play the message??? Thank you
  8. jovica888

    Making money by calling... something.

    I am warning as trucking dispatcher in USA traffic. I make around 150 calls per day. Can you tell me is that any better way to monetize ability to call 150 calls per day??? I have separate room pc and VoIP phone...
  9. jovica888

    I have trucking dispatch service

    I have a trucking dispatch service. I just want to ask does anyone do dispatching for USA market? How you find new carriers that want to work with you? We are specialized in dispatching Vans Reefers Flatbeds and Step Decks
  10. jovica888

    The easiest way to send 500K emails

    I am in the transportation industry and I have about 500.000 emails of carrier companies from USA. So I just want to send them an email about my service and my work... I tried gmass but there is a limit of 500 emails per day - so it will take 3 years and also I can not use that email because...
  11. jovica888

    Should I quit it or what?

    I started to play LOL at December 2018. 6 month later I uploaded about 160 videos almost all videos are 30minutes ++++. I have 144 subscribers. I have played League Of legends, Counter strike 1.6 and Dominoes on my phone (I have recorder on my phone) What should I do - quit or continue to work...
  12. jovica888

    Print Screen Lookup

    I found this website This is the website where you can take screenshot at and insert ID After that you can see all other uploaded screenshots Example page Just use arrows or arrows on keyboard... I discover this website and I...
  13. jovica888

    Image hosting question.

    I saw website like pastebin bit you can see pasted message only once. What will be the purpose of this website. I see it has 30.000 alexa and using google adsense. Now I made website like image hosting but also you can see the image only once.
  14. jovica888

    Make money just by TYPING NAMES - SquadHelp

    I saw that website Is this possible? Anyone using this website? How much time did you need to your account be approved? Thank you
  15. jovica888

    Youtube and popup promotion

    I am using Popup traffic for channel promotion but I am not using that traffic for videos... I just put my channel URL and send traffic to it. Almost everybody close that popup but someone browses my videos, subscribe... I just want to get some initial base of 1000-2000 subscribers (from India...
  16. jovica888

    Earn money with telemarketing

    I live in Serbia but I have ring central account and Cisco IP phone with USA number. I just want to ask is there any affiliate websites where I get a list of people/customers and call them and offer them products or services. Then I get paid percentage or per minute or per lead...
  17. jovica888

    What should I stream on youtube

    I want to stream something on youtube because it is much easier to stream video then save it then record it, render, uploading... I just want to know what should I stream - Should I do gaming or something other - I know to play LOL, Chess, Minesweeper, Solitare, Sokoban, Pinball, Agario, NFS...
  18. jovica888

    I want to become freight agent at USA

    Hello. I am currently working as a freight dispatcher for one company from Chicago IL. I work from my home. I have all the equipment. I am not US citizen so I can not become a freight broker. Because of that, I want to be a freight agent. Does anyone do this? Anyone can recommend me any...
  19. jovica888

    Javascript autoclick opens popup. Is this possible?

    So I have time and I was experimenting with this concept. Trying to make this on popcash and propellerads and it not works I wrote code that clicks somewhere on page after 2-3-4 seconds but this code does not open the popup and when I click manually it works. What is the difference? This is...
  20. jovica888

    How to promote my youtube tool???

    I have coded website for downloading mp3 from youtube video. Basicaly I am using APIs for MP3 and MP4 convertisons and everything works ok... Website is "" and you don't need to visit it. While watching a youtube video enter "take" between "youtube" and ".com" to download MP3...