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  1. darksorrow

    Old Method - New Pineapple Twist VirusTotal: **This is a PROOF OF CONCEPT method. I am sure that there are many many fun ways to twist this to...
  2. darksorrow

    Any ides for phone number and email list.

    I am working on a project with a couple people and one of the byproducts is a list of Name, email, address, phone#. This list is currently ~100k entries and growing at a rate of ~100 per day. The list demographic varies slightly but mainly women 30-55 years old living in the United States...
  3. darksorrow

    Cam Model Affiliate Program Recommendation

    I am looking for a cam site where I can sign up models for a share of their earnings. My main requirement is that I can easily/seemlessly iframe their signup page and that they train the models and take it from there. I want to sign them up, forget about them, and collect. Anyone have...
  4. darksorrow

    Oprah Niche Method

    So a few of my local blackhat friends meet at a pub, have a few drinks, and discuss and this is what we came up with about a month ago and it is working pretty well with coming up with profitable niches. Step 1: Watch Oprah Step 2: Take notes on everything she says she loves or acts...
  5. darksorrow

    Ebooks and Torrents - Proof of Concept

    Okay, Again this is not my original idea. I recently saw this method on a post here and tried to find it again but found a lot discussing this concept. Again, not my idea, just giving my results for trying it out. Attached is the first ebook I pushed out on torrents. Its about dating or...
  6. darksorrow

    The smartest thing I did with my autoblog

    The smartest thing I did was add an opt-in list to my autoblogs. I finished the modification two weeks ago and I get an average of 1:60 that visit my blogs signup. So now I have a targeted email list of around 1000 and growing! I have no idea why I didn't do this before. It is...
  7. darksorrow

    Living the Dream with AutoBlogs

    Its been 65 days. I had created 60 autoblogs in the first 30 days. My net for as of Dec. 19 Adsense: $1296.22 Kontera: $145.19 First, I have to give mad props to both shylesson and NikhilG. Without their contributions to BHW I would definetly still be stumbling my way around...
  8. darksorrow

    Quick paying Affiliates

    Does anyone know of any affiliates that pay weekly or daily? Appreciated!
  9. darksorrow

    What to do with email lists

    First off, This forum is awesome! I have built up around 20 websites on several niches and starting to have money coming in. I read a post to put an opt-in signup on the pages and have implimented in on most my product pages. I have around 3000 collected with their Full name, email, zip...
  10. darksorrow

    Joint Venture / Mentor Needed

    First, yes I am a noob and have been "lurking" around these forums for months. Second, I have learned alot on this forum and currently makeing around $5-$10 a day using blogs and promotion using SENuke and forum posts. What I am looking for is someone with experience and resources to start...