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  1. Jesse Custer

    My Ultimate Guide To PBN Building - Part 1 [10,000+ words]

    Great guide, looking forward to the test. Thanks!
  2. Jesse Custer

    Super Easy To Rank CPA Websites – 100% Complete Sites Made For You!

    Please send a sample when power / WiFi permits. Thanks!
  3. Jesse Custer

    SERVIKUS Pure SSD Hosting Unlimited domains and bandwidth Only $0.8

    I've been with this hosting for about 6 months - they're awesome.
  4. Jesse Custer

    hekke’s Journey from $180 to $100K

    Nice to see you! How are things? Still banking with affiliates?
  5. Jesse Custer

    SEO Guide for 2017: Building and ranking sites

    Nice guide. Thought it would be generic - but it added real value and you've obviously spent a lot of time putting it together.. Thanks!
  6. Jesse Custer

    hekke’s Journey from $180 to $100K

    IMHO, things have taken a turn for the worst on this forum since Hekke stopped posting regularly. He was never part of the group stroke-fest it's recently descended into - and spurned all advances of "Executive" status.... Still, he did have an unhealthy fascination with ladies approaching the...
  7. Jesse Custer

    High authority Handmade web 2.0 with Unique Content,Images,Videos,Logos,Headers,Unique Emails

    Review Order Placed, looking forward to seeing results!
  8. Jesse Custer

    Furious Niche Related Super Web 2.0 Link Building - 30% Discounts Available

    Review I was given 5 links as a test / free review. As others have commented, the web 2.0s are set up well with great link placement and related images. I was impressed that 4/5 were really niche specific blogs. The other did have a mix of articles from different niches. However, when the...
  9. Jesse Custer

    Amazon Authority Sites Made For You - 7 Day TAT Or Your Money Back

    Will take a review copy of the authority package. Please pm me the discount code and I will make payment.
  10. Jesse Custer

    [Intellifluence] Getting impossible links and sales with influencer marketing

    I would like to try this out, but I'm uncomfortable giving you my CC details right off the bat. A paypal payment is fine. Please send me a PM if any suggestions. Thanks!
  11. Jesse Custer

    ★ A New Content Discovery, Curation & Social Media Management Platform ★

    I'm already down for a review copy, but I'd like a coupon for the pro package. Please send one over, and a link to pay. Cheers!
  12. Jesse Custer

    Amazon Merch Questions

    Anybody any idea why my 'impressions' are showing '0' for many weeks on all my 10 designs?
  13. Jesse Custer

    [Reviewers Needed] Content Discovery, Social Media Management and Automation tool

    Would love to try this and review it. I am currently using upcontent after using crate for a day or so. I also use Quuu to promote my own content. Can I ask if it will have the ability to use multiple profiles? EDIT. Just read it does. Big plus!
  14. Jesse Custer

    Content Management for $700/month, is it worth?

    Easy. Buffer + upcontent for each. But ask for 1,000 to intersperse a few original posts, perhaps...