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  1. liman

    Merch by Amazon?

    I am thinking to buy an account. From your experience, is it worth it? is it safe to buy? I heard that Amazon will end up blocking your account when they detect the ownership change.
  2. liman

    Hiring a VA for Web 2.0s creation

    I am looking to hire a VA for creating multiple web 2.0s. Rate is $3/h.
  3. liman

    Websites are dead, It's time of mobile apps, single page apps

    So, those 80% what are they doing on mobiles? just using apps all the time?
  4. liman

    Free Unlimited Real Instagram Followers

    Just PMed you.
  5. liman

    How time it take to show fund(paypal)

    If it shows pending, then it is fine.This is just PayPal. The problem if it does not show at all, then there is no money :D
  6. liman

    How time it take to show fund(paypal)

    Not much at all. I receive an email that i got funds shorty after the payer confirms he transferred it. However in the email it says funds may take some time to show up in my account, but they appear in few minutes later.
  7. liman

    Guess who is not having any affiliates

    I am interested to know if they got anyone sign up really! xD
  8. liman

    Press release recommendations

    Check the marketplace. I saw some interesting offers there.
  9. liman

    [Giveaway] Free Virtual Assistant for 4 Hours

    4 hours of work for free. That is very generous.
  10. liman

    Any suggestion to get discount on product renewal on Godaddy Hosting

    Most companies, if not all, give attractive introductory offers, but then, nothing.
  11. liman

    What is the best page speed you ever got with pingdom?

    Wow. One minute! You have to be so patient to wait that much :D
  12. liman

    What is the best page speed you ever got with pingdom?

    I am using GenertePress theme. hosting with Priority Prospect. You got some things to fix in your site to make it faster. If you scroll down the result page on Pingdom, you will see what is taking most load time.
  13. liman

    1&1 vs GoDaddy vs NameCheap for hosting

    I have been using Namecheap for 3 years now. Good experience so far. Especially the customer support service.
  14. liman

    What's Up with these thirsty Fiverr sellers?

    That is so far from professional. Because of many sellers like that, professionals are lost on Fiverr. It is becoming, or become already, a wrong place for them.