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  1. Profit Donkey

    How can i get high traffic in twitter ?

    Optimize not only your tweets with hashtags, but also you Twitter username, description. If someone searches for, for example, "internet marketing" - if you use this keyword in your description, you'll appear in the search results. Also, promote it on other social media accounts, be active on...
  2. Profit Donkey

    Niche suggestion

    I would also say food, health related blogs. Organic products websites, natural living type of thing.
  3. Profit Donkey

    How to select best keyword for adsense website

    What keyword tools are you using? SEMrush and Jaxxy are some of the best ones, however, they are paid. I believe you have some free Jaxxy searches in the beginning, you could try that out.
  4. Profit Donkey

    My engagement is going down

    Not sure if it's true but I've read in multiple posts that for many IG users organic reach went down, just the same what happened with Facebook.
  5. Profit Donkey

    Make profit out of Facebook page?

    Amazon affiliate links, for example, are not allowed on Facebook. What people do, they create a blog post with affiliate links (cloaking, like NutriProfits mentioned above) and do paid ads to advertise it. If it converts well, you can scale it. I think it's definitely worth taking time to grow...
  6. Profit Donkey

    My post it does not rank after 5 days, what can i do?

    It depends on many factors. How old is your website? Do other blogs post normally rank faster for you? Did you do all on-page SEO?
  7. Profit Donkey

    I am professional french writer ! So how can I monetise my skills ? Any ideas ?

    You can start a website in a niche that you feel interested in, but there's a lot of job in creating a website and you have to be ready for that. You could monetize it with AdSense, write ebooks and sell it, join affiliate programs and promote their products on your site. You can also become a...
  8. Profit Donkey

    Tell me what do you think of my site.

    What I meant by saying visual, high quality content was just that high quality images would look nice on the site. :)
  9. Profit Donkey

    Tell me what do you think of my site.

    It took little bit long to load and some visual, high quality content would be nice, that would catch readers attention and overall would make a site look better.
  10. Profit Donkey

    CPA network - is affiliate driving traffic with legitimate methods? How to know?

    Exactly what we were looking for, thank you for useful information.
  11. Profit Donkey

    Adsense journey with an authority website

    This was actually really interesting and satisfying to follow. You're doing an amazing job! A proof that content is the king. Many people try to invent something, bypass some steps and in the end they stay almost in the same place, wasted tons of money and time. When in reality, everything is...
  12. Profit Donkey

    SEO in Africa

    For popular keywords and search terms you can use Google Trends, you can sort out by country, etc. Use social media (I also suggest creating FB group as they tend to grow much faster than pages), target countries that you want in paid advertisements. Keep testing and experimenting - maybe your...
  13. Profit Donkey

    Links are up but Traffic is Flat

    Where these 1.7 million links are coming from? If many of them come from low quality sites that has no traffic, there's no way anyone can come to your site (not talking about sites like Huffpost here). How much are you focusing on SEO and your own social media accounts?
  14. Profit Donkey

    Updating Existing Affiliate Links - How? Please help

    Sorry to hear that your account was closed, do you know the reasons? Just to avoid being banned second time. And is it even allowed to create a second account like this? Even if you've changed the settings, most likely affiliate links are still associated with your old account. Just like King89...
  15. Profit Donkey

    CPA network - is affiliate driving traffic with legitimate methods? How to know?

    One member in our discussion group asked this, we are not working with CPA so cannot really help him. Anyone knows the answers? How do CPA networks know which affiliate is driving traffic using legitimate methods and who isn't? How do CPA networks generate affiliate links for registered...
  16. Profit Donkey

    How to start a blogging website?

    Most people already answered this, but here is one beautiful visual explanation how to start a blog and how to get to the point where you can earn money from it (image taken from Google).
  17. Profit Donkey

    how to Avoid fake profile instagram?

    I think the only way you can avoid this is by following, liking, commenting manually where you can choose accounts yourself.
  18. Profit Donkey

    Youtube Subscribers

    I've heard that if Youtube find out any automation you can get easily banned. Not sure if it's true but sounds logical as Youtube is big and popular network, same like Instagram or Facebook.
  19. Profit Donkey

    Ig account comment blocked

    It was hard to understand exactly what you are asking but I will tell you this. Instagram doesn't like bots. It also has rules, like only 20 follow/unfollow is allowed in an hour, more than that looks like spam. For likes, I believe it's allowed to give 300 likes/hour and again - more than that...
  20. Profit Donkey

    Youtube Subscribers

    As with any other social network - engagement will help to grow your followers list. So if you start to make Youtube videos - make them as good as you can. Try to connect with people, engage with them, give them something very interesting and useful. If some people who find your video will...