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  1. Putt

    HAF: Wikipedia Page Creation

    Hey - I'm looking for someone to create a Wikipedia page for a company. The company owner has a long-term stable Wikipedia page. If interested, please PM me with your price.
  2. Putt

    Discord Growth / Community Management

    I'm looking for someone who can grow and manage a Discord server for a client. They're looking to create a community of individuals interested in their niche to use as a source of leads. Ideally would like to pay someone a monthly fee for management, & growth.
  3. Putt

    HAF: VA to provide verified decision maker email lists for local businesses

    The title says it all. We need verified lead lists for marketing decision-makers for local businesses in a variety of niches. Looking for a VA or someone else who can get us that data.
  4. Putt

    Web Designer / Developer with Three.js Knowledge

    We're looking for a full website design either based on Wordpress or a fully-custom back end (undecided on this at the moment) but are looking to make it very design heavy. We really want to make the most three.js and similar technologies like WebGL to make a visually stunning site. The website...
  5. Putt

    The Algorithms of the Algorithm [TikTok]

    I got asked by @ReverseAndCode to share some info I have about the TikTok algorithm and their plans for the future. I'm going to use this thread as an ongoing opportunity to share interesting pieces of information as I see fit. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll make sure to...
  6. Putt

    Guide to TikTok Verification Requirements in 2021 [UPDATED]

    The Guide to TikTok Verification by @Putt I’ve created this thread to share the newest set of requirements for verifications on TikTok. As with everything I say, this information has come directly to me from a TikTok representative. Many of you will be aware of the old policy of if you’re...
  7. Putt

    Growing a subreddit

    Hey everyone, I set up a subreddit a few months back and completely forgot about it. A few hundred people subscribed and there were a lot of posts and then it died. I decided to 'reboot it' and have built small but very active community. I want to try and get the subreddit to a much wider...
  8. Putt

    Remind Me Button

    I think it would be useful if there was a button on the dashboard next to like that allows you to set a day/time to be reminded of that posts. Similar to the !remindme bots of Twitter & Reddit. Would be pretty useful for progress threads and marking posts that you're going to want to read in a...
  9. Putt

    HAF: Graphic Design / Direct Mail Postcard

    I'm looking for a graphic designer to design a postcard for a luxury real estate agent so we can mail. As a minimum, you need to offer unlimited revisions (or at least be dedicated to satisfying the client), and preferably be willing to present 3 different design 'concepts' for me to show to my...
  10. Putt

    Email from name + domain

    Has anyone got some spare credits or similar that could pull emails from a name + domain? If not, I'll have to upgrade my plan but I thought it might be worth a shot.
  11. Putt

    Google Ads Manager

    I'm looking for someone to set up and manage Google Ads campaigns for my local service based business. BUDGET; I don't want to pay more than a $300 a month as I've had some bad experiences. Once we are ROI positive, we can discuss a bonus or % of ad spend or increase in fee.
  12. Putt

    Sales Letters

    I'm looking for someone who can write a number of sales letters for me. These are physical mailpieces that go out to leads. Most recipients are corporate executives so you need to understand how to write a sales letter without making it sound like some spammy, NLP letter. Please PM me with a...
  13. Putt

    [Question] Famous Birthdays

    Any of you great people know the best way to get a profile on Famous Birthdays? I'm talking about people who actually meet the criteria. I've seen a few people charging $300 on other forums for it but some websites claim you can just send in a proposal for review on their website. Their contact...
  14. Putt

    [HIVE MIND] What's Next for Social Media?

    I think it's fair to say that Instagram is still going strong and with the introduction of Reels will begin to shred TikTok's market share. Even though TikTok is unlike to remain sustainable, a lot of people have had serious success that will stick with them even after the end of the platform...
  15. Putt

    AMA: TikTok Ads

    Hey everyone, I few of the earlier members involved in TikTok might remember me, I wrote the TikTok megathread a few months back. For those that don't know, I've been a TikTok approved advertiser for 6 months now with a dedicated account manager and access to the Creator Marketplace. Over the...
  16. Putt

    I got a knowledge graph panel

    I just found out that I've got a knowledge graph panel for my personal brand. Could anyone remind me whether there are any SEO benefits or is it just the vanity of having one?
  17. Putt

    Social Media Manager / Virtual Assistant

    I'm looking to hire a virtual assistant or social media manager to help me manage my own (and my clients') social media accounts. Must have: -A good level of English -An understanding of how to manage social media without training -Ability to create quality social media content without training...
  18. Putt

    Paying Your Way To Success

    A friend of mine and I were talking and thought about how easy it would be to 'artificially' become an influencer. We're not talking about just making it look like you are popular but legitimately becoming an influencer with a real audience and accelerating this process by investing...
  19. Putt

    You can upload TikToks via Web

    Hi everyone, A lot of people have asked me whether you can upload TikToks direct from your computer. If you are reuploading then this is obviously far easier. The answer is yes without tools, bots or complicated methods. 1. Navigate to 2. Click the cloud icon in the...
  20. Putt

    Best High Value, Low Volume Payment Processor

    I've just bought a US based business (B2B) that processes about 60% of its revenue via card(invoiced/no card present). This ends up being around $450k per year. There aren't many transactions but each transaction is between $4k to $10k. I'm currently negotiating custom pricing with Stripe but...