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  1. Naroha

    Is Jarvee still viable?

    So what are people using then :o?
  2. Naroha

    Best way to receive payments from Stripe users?

    What do you mean by people who use stripe? Isn't stripe mostly just credit card payments? Use any other platform like (Don't know them but was first hit on google)
  3. Naroha

    Is Shopify slow or am I missing something?

    Shopify isn't build to get good numbers on google page speed. That's why the low numbers on that one.
  4. Naroha

    Sold car, laptops, phones and took 10,000 credit. All in Shiba.

    I hope your Hartz 4 application will be successful
  5. Naroha

    [JV] We creating a new coin, you're all invited.

    Damn, so it's really happening.:smirk::smirk:
  6. Naroha

    Alright. Let's get rich

    nah getting listed on such platforms with a new and obvious shitcoin is kinda impossible
  7. Naroha

    New Instagram growth method?

    Because its a nice way to promote his service ;)
  8. Naroha

    Ranking & Indexing 20,000 Sub domain PBNs with SPUN content

    Just to get this right. Those 1000 subdomains are all spun content from the same article?
  9. Naroha

    LinkedIn Connections

    Hey guys I'm interested in connecting with you on LinkedIn. Mostly interested in Digital Marketing etc. but for sure I'm open to all, so feel free to write even tho you are interested in other topics. Drop me a PM with your profile and I will send a request or simply drop your profile in here...
  10. Naroha

    LinkedIn Endorsements and Connects

    Interested in connecting :-)
  11. Naroha

    Hey guys, young dude trying to make money

    Well, you signed up which is already a good step forward. Just read some threads and try to focus on one thing in the beginning before jumping onto multiple things at once.
  12. Naroha

    1k Instagram account

    nice first message
  13. Naroha

    how can i sell a service if i'm not a jv ?

    You can buy marketplace account (not sure what the exact name is) but is expensive as hell
  14. Naroha


    Thanks man my life is much better now - replied with messagebot 1.3
  15. Naroha

    Python proxy function

    Should be something like this if you only got problems with the sock5 factor. You will need to install proxies before e.g. PySocks (pip install pysocks) proxies={http:'socks5://user:[email protected]:port', https:'socks5://user:[email protected]:port'} Then use those e.g. in that manner response =...
  16. Naroha

    Should I run?

    Yeah running/jogging isn't good for the knees especially with overweight. Try biking
  17. Naroha

    Do You Want to Build a Real Authority Site?

    Thanks for the nice share! I'm pretty new writing my blog and it's a good strategy I will try. Just one thing I don't really understand. If I got those 5k Keywords, how exactly do I use them effectively? I mean 5K keywords are pretty fucking much and writing 5k articles is also a hell of a road...
  18. Naroha

    Could a few of you review my landing page?

    Can also look into it
  19. Naroha

    Should i start dropshipping in Germany?

    Depending on the amount you are selling in other countries. Mostly after a certain amount you need to pay taxes in that country and not your domestic ones. But as stated before if you are serious about it you should always contact an accountant or similar.