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  1. notNewB

    1K word long jarvis generated content per user. First came first served. [only 7 users]

    Only 7K words left from Jarvis's trial plan I activated, I decided not to use it for my business, but don't really want to waste the trial. I will be using the "from scratch" feature of the long-term assistant, so I won't guarantee any quality, I will only enter your details and keep clicking...
  2. notNewB

    Parmalinks in non-english ecommerce website

    I'm working on a local ecommerce site which will not have english version. I'm using woocommerce for product pages. What I'm wondering is, can I translate the /product/ into the local language in my permalinks. Example: -->...
  3. notNewB

    Copyright free music channel.

    Generally, is music a good niche for starting a channel? I saw a channel where a guy makes real nice 2-3 mins long lofi music that one can use as background music for their videos and the guy gives them for free (copyright-free background music). Tons of views, very positive comments, and a lot...
  4. notNewB

    Are guest posts from "obvious guest post oriented" sites worth paying for?

    I get messages from so-called guest post specialists all the time. Every now and then I even look at their lists. Today, I came across another list with very good prices. But the sites...poor design, articles about everything, long-ass categories side widget, short and thin articles with one...
  5. notNewB

    Do you noindex your product pages?

    Should product pages ( on eCommerce sites be marked as noindex?
  6. notNewB

    News Site SEO

    Is anyone out there who has a long and decent experience with a news site? Is there any guide to starting, growing, and maintaining a news site? Does SEOing a news site differ from a regular niche site? If yes, how exactly? How do you find content ideas? Should you just stay tuned 24/7 for...
  7. notNewB

    Google is 23 years old today!

    I wish they saw these autosuggests. Happy f*cking birthday, big G!
  8. notNewB

    Anyone who published a generated article more than 3 months ago?

    If there is someone, when exactly did you publish and how is your article doing?
  9. notNewB

    Does anyone have idea wtf is this?

    This block appeared in my wordpress dashboard. I have no idea since when it is there, I noticed only now. This is what google returned when I googled the title. I have only trusted 5-6 plugins and free Astra downloaded from the official page. I'm not located in an Arabic speaking country...
  10. notNewB

    Do you all pay 30% tax from your amazon affiliate earnings?

    is that "tax withholding" rate the same for everyone or does it vary depending on something?
  11. notNewB

    Can anyone show a sample of a full article written by Conversion aka, please?

    I'm a click away from starting my subscription. Would be really helpful if someone could share a full article of at least 500 words generated by Jarvis. My big thanks in advance.
  12. notNewB

    Do you guys silo your affiliate blog site?

    I watched a video where a guy recommended creating 3 articles targeting long tails under each of your money articles and link those three to one money article. Do you have any pattern you guys follow when doing internal linking? Or do you just link your articles randomly?
  13. notNewB

    Having banners of competitors on your blog

    How good is the idea of having banners of two competitor sellers of the same product on your website? Assuming your affiliate site is about chocolate bars, and you have content about almost all types of chocolate bars, but you want to have banners on your side widget and after-navigation area...
  14. notNewB

    Can exact match domain names actually harm your seo?

    We know they don't work anymore but does that mean it is totally a "bad" idea to start a website on. I mean, will google treat them the same as regular/branded domain names or it looks "skeptically" at them and better go with brandable domains?
  15. notNewB

    Live test on GSC is showing a different result

    So, when I insert my link into the URL inspection, it says everything is okay. But, when I run the test through the TEST LIVE URL tool, it says the page isn't mobile friendly at all. Almost half of the page resources are not being loaded. And the screenshot from the live test shows...
  16. notNewB

    Should I start over or keep going?

    I started an affiliate blog 4 months ago. I grew up to 60-70 daily visits in 2.5 months. At the end of June it stopped growing and after 2-3 days fell to >10 visits. A month passed since, no change. Positions are lost, new articles are not getting impressions as early articles used to do. I...
  17. notNewB

    Why some use Adsense with millions of traffic?

    I noticed several times that big websites with millions of traffic have Adsense ads on their website while they can triple their earnings by simply switching to adthrive or other ad providers. Is it because adthrive does not accept certain niches? Or people value the speed of their website...
  18. notNewB

    Any changes on your amazon affiliate site?

    Hi, amazon affiliate blog owners. Do you see any changes in your rankings, traffic, etc., in the last 2 weeks? The June core update, a "spam update" which was 5 days ago, and other updates within the last 2-3 weeks.
  19. notNewB

    How do you handle interlinking?

    Do you guys use a plugin for that? I heard one that tells you what piece of content you have can be linked to another one. I'm spending like 2 hours editing a draft article for publishing. My product requires good visualization, so I create 2-3 designs, and when I'm finally done with those, I...
  20. notNewB

    Clicks on affiliate links are not growing

    I have a new affiliate site. The number of daily visitors is growing every day but clicks on the affiliate links are not. According to Amazon and CJ affiliate's reports, I had 1-2 daily clicks a day when I had 20-30 daily visits to my website. Now, I have twice as many visits, but the clicks on...