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  1. genito

    Twitter marks my posts as sensitive content

    Some days ago I saw a post that said you should mark you account as sensitive if you post nude and porn activity otherwise twitter bans your account, and I did it by going to privacy and safety and I checked "Mark media that may containing material that may be sensitive" but then I saw many...
  2. genito

    Is it risky to change proxies for instagram automation(not with rotating)

    Hello, I'm new with proxies and I wanna know if my accounts gonna get any flag if I start automating with one proxy for 1 month then I change the proxy. For example let's say I buy 10 proxies for 1 month and I use them, then after my subscription to these proxies end I need to buy other proxies.
  3. genito

    How is this guy escaping copyright?

    An profile on Xvideos has 882 videos uploaded, the site he watermarked in all videos is [removed].com, when you visit this site it's just an landing page to [removed2].com. Does anyone know anything about this website [removed].com? did it get closed or something cause I'm confused.
  4. genito

    I need some help with math

    Hello,I just started to study computer science now but I'm not good at math,can someone help me solving any of these math problems
  5. genito

    I need someone to help me

    Can someone create a free logo for me?
  6. genito

    Can u view any follower or following of any insta user?

    Hello guys,is there anyway u can find any info for any insta private user? I mean any follower or following on that account if he doesn't accept ur follower request?
  7. genito

    I didn't receive my crakrevenue payment

    Hello, In crakrevenue payment history it says success but I didn't receive any payment on my first choice pay account,why?
  8. genito

    is Gram Multi Tool working?

    Hello guys those days Gram Multi Tool doesn't work for me, it says failed login.
  9. genito

    Is this normally for a crakrevenue affiliate?

    Hello I started with crakrevenue about 2 month ago and now I have those statistics,is this normally? I have my all time clicks 10000 and 200 conversions earnings: 163.33$
  10. genito

    I need a free hosting

    Hello guys I need a free hosting to redirect my domain. can anyone find me one?
  11. genito

    I need someone to help me with photoshop

    I need someone for photoshop PM me
  12. genito

    I need a free hosting to redirect my domain

    Hello guys,can somebody tell me a free hosting which I can redirect my domain to an offer.
  13. genito

    Auto Video Uploader

    Can someone find me any auto video uploader for free?
  14. genito


    Hello Guys, Today I just started to work with crakrevenue offers and surprisingly I made 11.40 but in my crakrevenue dashboard it doesn't show that I made this money today but yesterday, Look the pic:
  15. genito

    Making Money With Dailymotion

    Hello guys, does anyone think it is worth to start working with dailymotion and monetize the content? Is anyone making money with dailymotion? I've heard that they don't have any copyright strike like youtube,adsense.
  16. genito

    web hosting problem

    hello, I have problem with my domain and host I just register a hosting on with my domain but when I publish my site it show this? my cpanel and hosting help me please.