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  1. silentHQ

    Did Google's worldwide outage hurt the forum's notification & login system?

    NOTE: I've already put in a support ticket regarding the following issue. That was before I did some testing on my own which seems to have at least temporarily resolved the issue. About 9-10 hours ago, I stopped receiving BHW email notifications in my Gmail account. When I finally visited...
  2. silentHQ

    Help Me Sell NBA All Star Game, *After Party* Tickets

    I need help selling 500 NBA All Star Game *After Party* Tickets. The tickets need to be sold online through a pre-existing ecommerce link by next week Friday, Feb. 18th. This particular after party will be in high demand as Diddy is the confirmed celebrity guest on the first evening. His...
  3. silentHQ

    Fan page with 170,000 fans?

    Hey guys, How much would a fan page with 170,000 fans be worth? 84% female 16% male 90k - 100k USA 25K - 30k UK 15K - 20k AU 10K - 15k CA ages 13 to 34 Also looking for suggestions on how to monetize it. Have a few ideas already and looking for more, or may just try...